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Legal Formats of Petitions, Suits, Complaints, Appeals, Applications for Trial Court, Consumer Forum, High Court, Supreme Court, Income Tax Tribunal / Other Tribunals.

Format of Agreements, MoU, Deeds, Power of Attorney etc for Companies, Trusts, Societies to execute Commercial and other Transactions

Download Sample formats of Affidavit, Agreement, Application, Anticipatory Bail Application, Bail Application, Bank Guarantee, Criminal Complaint, Consumer Court, Gift Deed, Income Tax Appeal, Legal Notice, Motor Accident Compensation, Petition, Police Complaint, Possession Letter, Power Of Attorney, Receipts, Relinquishment Deed, Resignation, RTI Application, Sale Deed, Society Memorandum and Articles, Suits Under Code Of Civil Procedure, Special Leave Petitions, Civil Appeals, Writ Petitions, Review Petitions, Transfer Petition, Trust Deed, Vakalatnama, Writ Petition, Wealth Tax Appeal, Will, Bail Bond, Execution Petition, Eviction Petition, Form 60, Income Tax, Vat, Sales Tax, Service Tax- Fill able Forms, Succession Certification Application etc.



1. Civil Procedure Code 1908 - Affidavits

Affidavit in a Civil Revision Petition under section 115 of CPC and for stay against order

Affidavit for Restoration Petition u/s 151 of CPC for to restore Dismissed Application

Affidavit, Application to delete name of Party from Petition order 1 Rule 10(2) of CPC

Affidavit for production of documents in court which not produced earlier

Affidavit for Application to arrest Defendant before Judgment

Affidavit with Application for substituted service of summon order V Rule 20 CPC

Affidavit to Recall ex- parte order and set aside it passed in the absence of Defendant

Evidence by way of Affidavit in a Suit for Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Affidavit for IA seeking Security from Defendant in a Recovery Suit under order XXXVII

Affidavit, Declaration, loss of Negotiable Instrument by Banker, Order VII Rule 16  CPC

Affidavit for Application for stay, Execution of Judgment under Order XLI Rule 5 of CPC

Affidavit for Substitution Application, death of a Party in a Suit, order XXII Rule 3 CPC

Affidavit, Application to arrest, detain Prison Judgment Debtor, order XXI Rule 37 CPC

Affidavit to produce additional evidence in an appeal, Order XLI Rule 27 of CPC

Affidavit to application for restoration of suit, Order IX Rule 9 of CPC in dismissed suit

Stay Application in Appeal under Order XLIII of Civil Procedure Code


2. Code of Criminal Procedure - Affidavits

Affidavit for Petition for maintenance under section 125 CrPC

Affidavit to Anticipatory bail application, section 438 of Code of Criminal Procedure

Affidavit for Bail Application under section 437 of Code of Criminal Procedure

Affidavit for Bail Bond with Form No. 45 u/s 436, 437 and 438(3) of CrPC


3. Consumer Protection Act - Affidavits

Affidavit for Consumer Complaint u/s 12 of Consumer Protection Act to District Forum

Evidence by way of Affidavit during Trial under Section 17 of Consumer Protection Act

Affidavit, Execution Petition U/s 25 and 27, Consumer Protection Act, Execution, Penalty

Application for clarification of a Judgment by NCDRC

4. Death certificate

Affidavit for issue of Death Certificate after registration of death


5. Domestic Violence Act 2005 - Affidavits

Affidavit, Section 23(2) of The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005

Affidavit, Section 23(2) Protection of Women, Domestic Violence, in MS Word format


6. Driving License

Affidavit for Application to issue Duplicate Driving License from Transport Authority


7. Employees Provident Fund

Affidavit to declare legal heirs of deceased employee to claim PF and Super Annuation



8. Hindu Marriage Act 1955 - Affidavits

Affidavit to Register Marriage under Hindu Marriage Act

Affidavit, Maintenance & Divorce, Delhi High Kusum Sharma v. Mahinder Kumar Sharma

Affidavit, Petition for Judicial Separation under Section 10 of Hindu Marriage,  Act

Affidavit to be filed with Divorce petition under Section 13(1) of Hindu Marriage Act

Affidavit u/s 13(1)(i)(ib) of Hindu Marriage Act for Divorce Petition, Desertion 2+ years

Affidavit for Divorce Petition Section 13(1)(i) of Hindu Marriage Act,  Ground of Adultery

Affidavit, Mutual Divorce Petition u/s 13B of HMA, Dissolution of Marriage, First Motion

Affidavit for Second Motion of Mutual Consent Divorce Petition u/s 13B(1) of HMA

Affidavit for Petition u/s 11 of Hindu Marriage Act for Decree of Nullity of Marriage

Affidavit for Petition for Maintenance under Section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act

Affidavit to Petition for Judicial Separation under Section 10 of Hindu Marriage Act


9. Indian Succession Act 1925

Affidavit to Petition Probate under Section 276 of Indian Succession Act


10. Muslim Marriage Act 1939

Affidavit under Section 2 of Dissolution of Muslim marriage Act


11. Motor Vehicles Act 1988

Affidavit under Motor Vehicles Act in a Motor Accident Petition Appeal


12. Name Change

Affidavit for Application to change name in the Education Certificate


13. Negotiable Instruments Act 1881

Affidavit, Evidence by way of Affidavit, Complaint u/s 138, Negotiable Instruments Act


14. Rent Control Act

Affidavit to Application objecting notice to vacate premises occupied the by the landlord


15. Will

Affidavit with Application for Registration of Will after death of Testator


16. Writ Petition - High Court

Affidavit for Writ of Certiorari Writ Petition under Article 226 and 227 in High Court

Affidavit for Writ of Mandamus under Article 226 of the Constitution to file in High Court

Affidavit for Writ of Quo Warranto Article 226 of the Constitution to file in High Court

Affidavit for Writ of Prohibition, Article 226 of Constitution to file in High Court as PIL

Affidavit for Writ of Habeas Corpus, Article 226 of the Constitution to file in High Court




Adoption Deed format for adoption of a Child

Adoption Deed to Adopt an orphan child from an orphanage

Adoption Deed format for adoptee given by Testamentary guardian

Adoption Deed format for adoption by a Hindu Women

Adoption Deed format for adoption by an Unmarried Hindu Women

Adoption Deed for Adoption of child by Widow Natural Mother with Adoptive Father

Adoption Deed by Guardian to give child on adoption



Arbitration Agreements

Agreement for Arbitration and to appoint sole Arbitrator

Agreement for Arbitration by members of HUF and to appoint Arbitrator to solve dispute

Agreement for reference of dispute to Arbitrator by parties on mutual consent

Agreement to refer dispute of three parties to Arbitrator by mutual consent u/s 7



Administration Bond under Section 291 of Indian Succession Act 1925

Bail Bond, Attendance, Police Station, Court 436, 437, 438(3), 441 CrPC), Form No. 45

Bond to issue succession certificate under Section 375 of Indian Succession Act 1925

Bond to pay decreed amount in installments


Business and Service Agreements

Agreement to appoint sole selling agent by Manufacturing Company

Agreement for design and development of a website by software company for a client

Agreement for Hostel Services between College and Hostel Service Provider

Agreement for Retail Business, Sample

Agreement to sell a Business including space

Agreement  for Hire Purchase between owner, hirer and dealer, Hire Purchase Act 1972

Canteen Agreement format between Company and contractor to provide food to staff

Contractor and Service Provider agreement format

Hypothecation Agreement between Creditor and Borrower under sarfaesi act 2002

Agreement for interior work of office by Company and contractor

Medical Service agreement for services at the premises of Company by Professional

Memorandum of Understanding for Collection of Money from Defaulters

Office facility and Services Business Agreement


Employment and Consultancy Agreements

Agreement, seasonal job contract, temporary employee appointment agreement

Agreement, Employee full and final payment and settlement document.

Agreement Between Contractor and Principal Employer for Work outsource

Appointment letter to appoint employee with confidentiality agreement

Bond by Employee to Employer, not engaging himself with Competitor or pay damages

Confidential information and non disclosure agreement format

Consultant Appointment letter to appoint Professional Consultant on retainer ship

Consultant Appointment contract for Professional Service

Loan agreement between Employer and Employee for loan to Staff

Retainer ship Agreement to Appoint Lawyer or Professional Consultant on Retainer ship


Family Settlement/ Divorce Agreements

Agreement, Family compromise, Property dispute settlement agreement

Agreement, Husband and Wife for divorce proceedings and settlement of Disputes

Delhi High Court guideline for drafting Settlement Agreement in Matrimonial Disputes

Lease and Rent Agreements

Agreement for Lease of commercial property, Rent agreement for office space

Agreement for License for commercial property, Office space

Agreement for Lease of Residential House, Rent agreement Residential Accommodation

Lease Deed of Residential Property by Power of Attorney Holder

Lease Deed of Commercial Property by Power of Attorney Holder to hire office space

Leave and License Deed for occupation of property for short period

Lease Deed for lease of land for long period

Deed of Assignment of Lease Agreement to transfer complete right to the Tenant

Lease Deed to lease Plant and Machinery to Lessee for a fixed term

Deed of Sub Lease to give the leased property on sub lease to Third Party

Lease Deed for Lease of space for advertisement purpose

Lease Agreement for Mining Lease for Quarrying Stones

Lease Agreement for Plantation and Agricultural Cultivation

Rent Agreement of Residential Property for use of House for Residence

Rent Agreement of Commercial Property for use of space for Office, shop or for business


Loan agreements

Loan Agreement format to lend money to borrower by Lender with or without interest

Loan Agreement format for Loan with Pledge of shares as security and with interest

Loan Agreement with Surety and Hypothecation of Property

Memorandum of Understanding between Lender and Borrower to give loan


Partnership Deed and Agreements

Partnership Deed for Computer Hardware, Maintenance Services, Software Business

Partnership Agreement between Advocates for carrying on legal profession

Partnership Deed to start business of Civil Contract and Construction Work

Partnership Agreement between two partnership firms

Deed of Dissolution of Partnership, one Partner take over Assets and Liabilities of firm

Partnership Dissolution Deed in which some Partners continuing with Business

Partnership Agreement to admit minor as New Partner to the Partnership


Property Sale, Builder & Client

Agreement, Collaboration with builder for construction  or developer for construction

Agreement to Sell format for Sale of Property



Application for Divorce petition within one year of Marriage under Section 14 of HMA

Application, Section 127(1) of CrPC for Modification of Maintenance order Section 125

Application to Magistrate, Section 12 of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence

Application, Section 12 of Protection of Women DV Act, 2005, in MS Word format

Application for Registration of Marriage under Special Marriage Act 1954

Application to cancel of Non Bailable Warrant

Application for cancellation of bailable warrant

Application for Compounding offence 320 CrPC



Anticipatory Bail Application Format and the documents required

Anticipatory Bail Application Before High Court u/s 438 CRPC



Bail application format under Section 437 CRPC before the Magistrate

Bail application format under Section 439 CRPC before the Sessions Court

Bail application format under Section 439 CRPC before High Court



Bank Guarantee for Performance Guarantee, Bid Bond, Financial Guarantee etc



Criminal Complaint u/s 138 of of Negotiable Instruments Act against return of cheque.

Criminal Complaint u/s 138, List of documents to be attached with Complaint

Criminal Complaint U/S 200 CrPC read with Section 156(3) CrPC with Magistrate

Appeal against punishment order 138 NI Act

Application 145(2) of NI Act cross examination



Consumer Complaint Section 12, Consumer Protection Act, District Forum against Bank

Consumer Complaint Section 12 with District forum against seller

Consumer Complaint Section 12, with District forum against Builder for cheating

Consumer Complaint for NCDRC against builder for refund, compensation, Expenses



Gift Deed format for gift of Share Certificate to Relative

Gift Deed for Gift of Property to Relative without consideration, Land, Building, Flat etc

Gift Deed of Gift made by cash or Cheque to Relative



Income Tax Form No. 35 to file appeal with Commissioner of Income Tax

Income Tax Form No. 36 to file appeal with ITAT Income Tax Appellate Tribunal

Income Tax Form No. 36A to file Miscellaneous Application or Cross Objection with ITAT



Indemnity Bond by representative assessee to be submitted by legal heir of deceased with Income Tax Department



Legal notice against return of cheque for Criminal Complaint u/s 138 of NI Act

Legal Notice to builder demanding possession of property and interest  &  compensation

Legal Notice to Drawer of Cheque, file Summary Suit under order XXXVII CPC / 138 NI

Legal Notice to Employer demanding dues of employee or to file Recovery Suit

Legal Notice to drawer of cheque in case of friendly loan with demand for payment

Legal Notice to Admission brokers and Educational Institutions for cheating students

Legal Notice to Computer Company for selling fake products and cheating customers

Legal Notice format for criminal defamation

Legal Notice for Defamation claiming damages

Legal notice for invoking arbitration clause



Motor Accident Application for Compensation u/s 140 and 166 of Mv Act to MACT

Motor Accident, format to release accident vehicle from Police Custody, with Affidavit

Motor Vehicle format to release stolen vehicle from Police Custody, with Affidavit



Petition for Divorce under Special marriage act on the ground of Section 27

Petition for Divorce by Mutual Consent u/s 13(1)(B) of Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Petition for Mutual Consent Divorce under Section 28 of Special Marriage Act

Petition for Mutual Consent Divorce of Christians, u/s 10A of Divorce Act 1869

Petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights when the Petitioner is deserted by his partner

Petition for Judicial Separation under Section 10 of Hindu Marriage Act

Petition format for Decree of Nullity of Marriage under Section 11 of Hindu Marriage Act

Petition for Decree of Nullity of Marriage u/s 12 of HM Act in case of voidable marriage

Petition for Decree of Divorce under Section 13(1)(ia) of HMA on the ground of Cruelty

Petition for Permanent Alimony and Maintenance u/s 25 of Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Petition for Maintenance u/s 125 of CrPC by Wife, Children and Parents

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage u/s 10 of Divorce Act 1869 by Christians

Petition Withdrawal and Consent Compromise Deed

Petition Written submission, DV Act Complaint u/s 12 Relief u/s 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Child Custody Petition format



Police Complaint format, to Register FIR under 154 CrPC in a Cheating case



Possession letter format for property. Sample possession letter



Special Power Of Attorney to authorize a person for legal purposes

General power of attorney (GPA) for property

Power of Attorney by Non Resident Indian to appoint Legal Representative to file and handle case in India

Power of Attorney by Non Resident Indian to sell property in India through Legal Representative

USA Special Power of Attorney by Indian to authorise and sell share of property in India

UK Special Power Of Attorney by legal heir to authorize and sell share of property in India



Receipt of Earnest money paid

Receipt of money money against sale of property,  sale of vehicle, sale of assets etc



Relinquishment Deed Format Section 122 of Transfer of Property Act 1882



Resignation letter format. How to write a resignation letter



RTI Application format. Filing Application under Right to Information Act application

First appeal format, Section 19(1) of RTI Act



Sale deed of property, purchase agreement

Sale Deed for Purchase of Society Flats Agreement to buy society flat

Sale Deed format for sale of property by Non Resident Indian (NRI) or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) to Resident Indian Citizen



Society Memorandum and Rules and Regulation of Charitable Society



Suit for Specific Performance with alternate prayer for refund of money

Summary Suit under Order XXXVII of CPC for recovery of money, Cheque return

Suit for Compensation for death or physical disability due to negligence of others

Suit seeking injunction against illegal construction, public nuisance etc.

Suit already filed, Injection Application seeking Injunction in a Suit already filed

Suit for Possession of Property after termination of License Agreement

Suit for Possession of Property Trespassed by Defendant

Affidavit for Transfer Petition U/S 24 of CPC transfer of Suit from one Court to another

Partition Suit format for Partition of Joint ownership Property

Commercial Suit Format under Commercial Courts Act and CPC for recovery

Criminal Defamation Complaint Format

Defamation Suit Format for compensation

Application format for Summary Judgment under order XIIIA CPC



1. Special Leave Petitions

SLP under Article 136 of Constitution to Supreme Court against High Court Judgment

SLP (Criminal) under Article 136 of the Constitution against Judgment of High Court

SLP Application for exemption from filing officially translated documents

SLP affidavit to be filed with SLP (Special Leave Petition) in Supreme Court

SLP Advocate on Record (AOR) Certificate to be filed with SLP in Supreme Court

SLP  Counter Affidavit from Respondents against Special Leave Petition (SLP)

SLP Rejoinder Affidavit against Counter Affidavit in Supreme Court of India

SLP Application for Withdrawal of case from Supreme Court on settlement


2. Civil Appeals

Supreme Court Civil Appeal u/s 22 of NGT Act 2010 to be filed in Supreme Court

Supreme Court Civil Appeal u/s 23 of Consumer Protection Act, Judgment of NCDRC


3. Writ Petitions

Supreme Court Writ Petition Public Interest Litigation (PIL) Article 32 of Constitution


4. Review Petitions

Review Petition to Supreme Court under Article 137 of Constitution of India, Format

Supreme Court Review Petition under Article 137 - AOR Certificate

Application for Permission to file Review Petition in Supreme Court


5. Transfer Petition under Section 406 of CrPC

Supreme Court Transfer Petition u/s 406 of Criminal Procedure Code


6. Contempt Petition

Contempt Petition to Supreme Court Section 11, 12 of Contempt of Court Act

Contempt Petition format - High Court


7. Application formats for Supreme Court

Application for Impleadment in an existing case in Supreme Court

Application seeking Direction from Supreme Court in a Pending Case

Miscellaneous Application in Supreme Court in decided case for implementation of order

Intervention Application to Supreme Court to Intervene in a Matter

Application to Delete Name of Petitioner from SLP in Supreme Court due to the death

Affidavit for Application for Deletion of Party from SLP in Supreme Court due to death

Caveat Application format for Supreme Court

Caveat Application High Court

Application for clarification of Supreme Court Judgment



Trust Deed for Charitable Trust. Charitable Trust formation document

Trust Deed for Private Trust Deed. Private Trust formation document



Vakalatnama format for Trial Court and High Court

Vakalatnama for Supreme Court for Advocate on Record in MS Word and webpage



Writ Petition under Article 226 and 227 to High Court to challenge CAT order

Writ Petition, Article 226 to High Court for seeking Writ to protect Fundamental Right

Writ Petition of Habeas Corpus to High Court to release a person, Quash order

Writ Petition seeking Mandamus to High Court to quash order and Reinstate Petitioner

Writ Petition, Prohibition in High Court to prohibit Respondents from initiating action

Writ Petition, Writ of Certiorari in High Court to quash order passed by Respondents

Writ Petition, Writ of Quo Warranto in High Court to cancel illegal appointment order

First appeal section 96 of CPC to District Court

First Appeal (Revision Petition) to High Court u/s 115 CPC

Second appeal to High Court u/s 100 CPC

Impleadment Application for High Court

Application of amendment of Memo of Parties

Criminal Revision Petition Section 397 Cr.P.C.

Criminal Appeal to High Court under section 374(2) of Cr.P.C.

Criminal Appeal in acquittal to High Court under Section 378 Cr.P.C.

Quashing Petition under Section 482 of Cr.P.C.



Wealth Tax Appeal to Assessing Officer Form No. E

Format of Wealth Tax Appeal to ITAT Form No. F appeal against the order of CIT (A)



Will to give property of a person after death to someone.

Petition for Probate of a will under section 276 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925



Deed of Wakf for public purpose under Wakf Act 1995

Deed of Lease for Wakf Property created under Wakf Act 1995

Deed of Wakf as per Mahomedan Law for self maintenance and Charitable Purpose

Appointment of Muttawalli for Administration of Wakf



Character Certificate format

Conduct Certificate format

No Objection Certificate by Employer - studies

NOC from owner for using premises as office

NOC from owner for GST Registration

NOC from from legal heirs for property transfer

No Objection Certificate for Visa

Experience Certificate Format

Internship Certificate Company or organization

Internship Certificate for Law Intern

Leave application format for school student

Leave application by employee to visit home




Bail bond in MS Word format

Execution Petition in MS Word Format

Eviction Petition in MS Word format

Form 60 in MS Word, PDF format. Declaration by non PAN holders, Income Tax Act

Income Tax, VAT, Sales Tax, Service Tax- Fillable forms in Word and Excel

Succession Certification Application format in MS Word Format

Download Tenant Verification Form of Delhi Police in PDF format

Domestic Help Verification form in PDF to submit with Delhi Police Station

Application for Copy of FIR for the Accused in Word Format

Tenant Verification Form Gurgaon Police, Servant, Employee, Domestic help information

Vakalatnama in MS Word Format

Vakalatnama for Supreme Court to be signed by AOR in Ms Word


Note: Please note that the format given here is sample format and you have to make necessary modification as per your requirement. We do not undertake any responsibility for loss if any suffered by you by using the format shown here, which is totally free.


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