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Adoption Deed for Adoption of child by Widow Natural Mother with Adoptive Father

Format of Adoption Deed for Adoption of a Child by Widow Natural mother with Adoptive Father.

Sample format of Adoption Deed by Widow Natural Mother is given below:



THIS DEED of adoption made on this _______________ day of ______________ between Sh._________, s/o ____________________,r/o ________________ (hereinafter called "the adoptive father") of one part AND Smt. _____________widow of Late Sh. ________________r/o ___________________, (hereinafter called "the natural mother") of the other part.


1. The adoptive father has no issue, male or female, and having as per his circumstances, he has no expectation of having any issue.

2. Now the adoptive father and his wife wanted to adopt a child.


3. The natural Mother has Two children, all sons. The natural mother is widow whose husband dies on _________

4. The adoptive father, with the consent of his wife, has approached the natural mother for giving in adoption one of his sons named (name of the child) _______.

5. The natural mother has, consented to her said son being given in adoption.

6. The ceremonies regarding adoption as per Hindu religion has been duly performed on _______


1. The parties hereto do hereby declare that the adoptive father has duly adopted the said child as his son from the day of _________ i.e. the day on which ceremony of giving and taking in adoption has been duly performed along with other religious ceremonies including Dattak Homam and physical delivery of the child from hand to hand have been observed and performed by either party.

2. The said son has according to Sastras and law become by virtue of adoption aforesaid a son of ____capable of performing the religious duties to his adoptive father with all rights and obligations of a natural born son is so entitled to inheritance and succession of all the personal and real estate.

3. The adoptive father shall be liable for the maintenance, education and other expenses of the adopted son and shall bear all such expenses in accordance with his status.

4. That ever since the above adoption has been effected the said____ has renounced and abandoned the use of his original surname and in lieu thereof assumed and adopted the surname___, AND that of the adoptive father shall at all times hereafter in all records, deeds, documents and other writings use and subscribe the surname of the adoptive father and shall accordingly be known, described and addressed as the son of adoptive father.

IN WITNESS WHERE OF, the parties hereunto have signed this deed.


1. _____________________

ADOPTIVE FATHER _______________

2. ____________________

NATURAL MOTHER _______________


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