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Legal Notice to Computer Company for selling fake products and cheating customers. Notice for filing Consumer Complaint.

Legal Notice format to file Consumer Complaint against Company selling fake products and cheating customers. Download format in Ms Word.

After sending Legal Notice the Customer can file Consumer Complaint with District Consumer Dispute Redressal forum, if the supplier is not taking any action in the specific time period action after receiving the notice.

Sample format of legal notice to be send to Supplier in case of fraud or selling inferior quality goods:



Registered AD/UPC


The Proprietor
Nehru Place
New Delhi-110 019



Under instructions and authority from our client M/s. ____________________, Address_______________________________, we serve upon you the following legal Notice.

1. That our client has purchased a New Computer system Intel Core I-3, Intel Chipset Asus Motherboard, 4 GB RAM, ATX Cabinet, 1 TB Hard Disk, 16" LED, DVD RW, Logitech Keyboard and Mouse, Beetel UPS for Rs. ______ vide your Delivery Challan/ bill dated _______, for retail sale.

2. That the system started giving trouble on the very first day and due to this the order received by our client was cancelled.

3. That our client has given the mother board of the system in your office for replacement.

4. That after harassing our client for few days your staff has replaced the motherboard by charging additional amount.

5. Since our client lost the order due to the malpractice of your staff, the material was kept in stock.

6. That on _____________ our client got order for supply of computer system with same configuration. When our client tried to switch own the system, it was not working. Our client informed it to ___________ of your office and he told our client to send the processor for replacement.

7. That when the engineer of our client opened the processor to give it for replacement, it was surprising and shocking for our client, because your company sold used and damaged processor by telling it as new and charged Rs. _________ as its price from our client.

8. That staff of our client approached Mr. _________ and your staff of your office for replacement of the processor. Mr. _________ was behaving with the staff of our client in a very rude manner and told that the processor has physical damage and cannot be replaced.

9. That when our client told you that they have purchased new processor and not used it even for a day and it is not possible to have physical damage. If there is any physical damage, it means your company has supplied defective processor. After long argument your staff collected the processor for replacement and issued receipt No. _____dated ____________ and forcibly wrote as Intel CPU Dual Core instead of Intel CPU Core I-3.

10. That our client received the replacement challan in good faith and waited for a week. When our client approached you to collect the replaced processor on __________ Mr. __________ told our client in a rude manner that the processor will not be replaced.

11. That our client has noticed different type of un ethical business practices in your company many times. For e.g. on ____________ our client has approached you for purchase of 4 Core I3 processors and 3 Computer systems. Your staff has inserted old Pentium Dual Core processor and assembled the system by saying it as new I3 processor (Invoice No. ________ dated _________). When our client approached you to replace the processor your staff refused to replace it and charged Rs. _______/- extra per processor.

12. That it is also noticed that you are selling the product by issuing challan cum bill form to evade VAT on every sale.

13. That our client and staff have spent many working hours and money to get the Processor Replaced.

14. That your company has created unnecessary financial loss and mental pressure to our client and damaged reputation of our client by breaking promises by which our client has lost huge amount of business.

15. That you have committed cheating, fraud and breach of trust by supplying old, used and damaged processor to our client and cheated our client by giving false promises.

We, therefore, call upon you through this legal notice to refund Rs. _________/- (i.e. cost of the Processor Rs. __________/- and other Expenses of Rs. ______/- spent for conveyance and telephone calls) to our client with 13.50% interest within a period of 7 days from the receipt of this legal notice failing which our client shall be constrained to file civil as well as criminal complaint against all the responsible directors and staff or your company in the court of law, inform sales tax and other department about your tax evasion methods/fraudulent accounting system and in that event you might be burdened with all fees and risks which please note carefully.

You are further liable to pay a sum of Rs. ______/- as necessary cost and expenses of sending the present legal notice to you.

Copy of this legal notice is also kept at our office for further ready reference it required in future.

______ Associates, Advocates

_________, Advocate


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