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UK Special Power Of Attorney by legal heir to authorize and sell share of property in India - Download SPA format for UK

Special Power of Attorney by United Kingdom resident and legal heir to sell share of property in India through SPA Holder. Please fill the blank space and modify necessary information as per your requirement.




BY THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY I, __________________, aged __, S/o Late Shri _______________ ______________, Address _____________________ _________________ __________________, holder of OCI No. __________, Passport No. ______________ issued from ______ and presently residing at _________________ ________________ ______________, do hereby appoint my sister ______________, aged __ years, D/o Late __________________ _________, ________________,  holder of Aadhaar Card No.______________ ____________, to be my lawful Attorney for me and on my behalf to do all or any of the following acts and deeds.

Myself and the attorney holder are the children of late Shri _______________ S/o _________________ _______________.

That Late _______ ______________ had expired on ______ at ______.

That the said Late ______________ had left behind the following legal heirs:

SL No. Name of Legal Heir Age Relationship with the Deceased


That there are no other legal heirs except these mentioned above.

That Late _______________ had purchased Flat No. ___________ total admeasuring ___________ Sq. Mtrs situated on _th Floor in the building constructed over Plot No. ________________ ____________at ______________ _____________ _____________.

That title of the said property is in the name of Late __________________.

WHEREAS, the aforementioned Executant, as a legal heir of Late _______________ ______________, has the ownership right of Proportionate 1/4th undivided share and interest in the above said property.

AND WHEREAS, the aforesaid Executant wants to sell her Proportionate 1/4th undivided right, title, share and interest in Flat No. ___________ total admeasuring ___________ Sq. Mtrs situated on _th Floor in the building constructed over Plot No. ________________ ____________at ______________ _____________ _____________.

I intent to sell/transfer the said property as a whole or by plots. I am employed abroad, and unable to appear in person before the concerned authorities and to comply with the formalities for sale. Hence this power of attorney.

1. To negotiate on terms and sell the said property as a whole or by plots to any purchaser or purchasers at such price as may be agreed upon, and which my attorney in her absolute decision think fit and proper.

2. To agree upon and to enter into any agreement for the above said sale and to enforce or cancel or to repudiate the same at her discretion.

3. To receive the sale consideration and give valid receipts for the same.

4. To effect the sale of the above property as a whole or by plots in my name and on my behalf on terms, which my attorney in her absolute decision think fit and proper.

5. To present the deed of sale for registration before the concerned Sub -Register and to represent and admit execution and to have the said sale deed registered in the manner required by law and to do such acts, deeds, things as may be necessary and incidental for transferring the said property and getting the deed registered as fully and effectually in all respects as I could do the same if present.

6. To sign and execute all other, instruments and assurances which she shall consider necessary and to enter into and or agree to such covenants and conditions as may be required for fully and effectively conveying the above said property as I would do myself , if personally present.

7. To appear and present any necessary document/ application before the Local authorities or any Government departments with regard to the said property.

8. AND also generally to do all other lawful acts necessary for said purposes.

AND BY THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY I do hereby agree and declare that all acts, deeds and things done executed or performed by the said ATTORNEY for me and on my behalf in connection with the writing and registration of any Sale deed, or agreement/documents made regarding the said property.



District __________________
Sub District  
Block No  
Survey No  
Area of Property  
Description of Property  

Hence verified and signed at _____________, on the ___day of _______ 20__.


Name _____________



1. Name ___________ Signature

2. Name ___________ Signature






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