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Adoption Deed format for adoption by a Hindu Women.

Format of Adoption Deed for Adoption by a Hindu Women.

Sample format of Adoption Deed for Adoption by a Hindu Women given below:


THIS DEED of adoption made on this________ day of __________by ______________, widow of Late Sh.______________ r/o______________.

1. My husband died on ___________ and we had no son, son's son or son's son's son.

2. I have this day adopted __________ (name of the child), son of Sh ._____________r/o __________________, aged ___ as my son and the said child having been given to me in adoption by his father with the consent of the child's mother.


3. The ceremony of giving and taking in adoption has been duly performed on ________ along with other religious ceremonies.

NOW I, ____________, hereby declare that I have adopted the said child as my son and the said child has been transferred to the family of my husband and shall have, from the date of adoption, all the legal rights and liabilities of an adopted son. I further confirm that I have executed this deed out of my free will without any compulsion from any person.

IN WITNESS WHERE OF, I am signing this deed this ____________day of __________.


1. _____________________

MRS. _______________

2. ____________________


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