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What documents needs to be Annexed with Criminal Complaint u/s 138 of of Negotiable Instruments Act against return of cheque? List of documents to be attached with Complaint in case of companies

The Hon'ble Delhi High Court have passed order against CRL. M.C. 1821/2013 and CRL MC 1822/2013 and mentioned that the Magistrate must seek copies of Form No. 32 from the complainant to prima facie satisfy the Court as to who were the directors of the accused company at the time of commission of the alleged offence and on the date of filing of the complaint case.



In addition to the above the Magistrate muse also seek information as given in the following table which is to be annexed by the Complainant on a separate sheet accompanying the complaint. 

a. Name of the Accused Company;


b. Particulars of the dishonoured cheque/ cheques;

-Person/ Company in whose favour the cheque/cheques were issued

-Drawer of the Cheque/Cheques

-Date of Issuance of Cheque/Cheques

-Name of the drawer bank, its location

-Name of the drawee bank, its location

-Cheque No./ Nos

-Signatory of the Cehque/Cheques


C. Reason due to which the cheque/cheques were dishonoured


d. Name and Designation of the person sought to be vicariously liable for the commission of the offence by the accused company and their exact role as to how and in what manner they were responsible for the commission of the alleged offence.


e. Particulars of the legal notice and status of its services


f. Particulars of reply to the legal notice if any.


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