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Legal Notice to Admission brokers and Educational Institutions for cheating students by offering fee concession through admission test, claiming fee and blackmailing students, later.

Format of Legal Notice for cheating students by Education Institution in collusion with admission agents  by offering fee concession at initial stage and claming fee from students after they took admission in the college.

Legal notice format to be send in case of cheating by Education institution, Admission agents and their staff by conducting fake admission test to cheat people. The college kept certificates of students after taking admission and started blackmailing them by demanding fee for which they offered concession earlier. Format of legal notice in case for cheating by parties is given below:



Registered AD


Mrs. _________
National Coordinator
___________, Kolar - 563 101

2. The Manager / Director
Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana.

3. The Trustee
_____________ Educational & Charitable Trust
___________ Group of Institutions
Bangalore - 560__



Under instructions and authority from my clients:
1) ______________, D/o ___________, _____________;

2) ______________, S/o ___________, _____________;

3) ______________, S/o ___________, _____________;

4) ______________, S/o ___________, _____________;

I serve upon you the following legal Notice.

1. That my clients are students of _______________ Group of Institutions running under _______________Charitable Trust. That most of my clients are from poor families and economically weaker sections of the society.

2. That in the year _________ Ms. ___________, National Coordinator of ______________ and other agents of _____________ contacted my clients and offered to give admission in ___________ Group of Institutions through competition test. _____________ offered my clients that they will charge the following amount of test fee from my clients and assured that that no Tuition Fees will be charged by the College from the students for the said course, everything will be managed by ______________ Trust.

3. That my clients have cleared the competition test conducted by ___________ and ___________ collected the following amounts from my clients.


4. That after clearing the Admission Test an Admission Cum Scholarship letters jointly signed by Chief Administrative officer ____________ Institutions and Mrs. ______________, National Coordinator, Bangalore and other authorized persons was issued to my clients.

5. That in the Admission letter it is clearly mentioned that "In any condition the college will not claim the tuition fees from the above mentioned student."

6. That my clients have joined the courses and started attending classes in the year 20__.

7. That after joining the course the college management started demanding fee from my clients by violating terms of the Admission Cum Scholar ship letter signed by them and issued to my clients.

8. That my clients requested to the college administration and _____________ to honour the terms of the Admission Cum Scholarship letter. They also informed the college that they are from poor, economically backward sections of the Society and they cannot afford to pay the huge amount fee demanded by the college.  




9. That neither college authorities, nor ______________ heard their prayers and you have harassed my clients to pay fee.

10. That due to non-payment of fee the college authorities forcibly barred my clients Ms. _________________ and _____________ from attending the classes. _______________ is not allowed to attend classes from 1st week of _____________20__ onwards. Before that date also she was barred from attending classes in few more occasions. __________________ is barred from attending the classes from __th ______ 20__ onwards.

11. That ______________ was not allowed to write her 1st Semester Examination conducted in December 20__. She was forced to write first semester examination as supplementary in June 20__, but not allowed to appear for one subject in June 20__ also. She was barred from appearing for entire second semester examination conducted in June 20__. The college authorities cited a wrong reason that she has no eligibility to write the examination. The college authorities are not allowing her to appear for her 3rd Semester Examination to be conducted on 2nd ___________ 20__.

12. That their next semester examination of _______________ is scheduled to be conducted on 2nd ________ 20__ and _______ on 17th __________ 20__.

13. That the amount of fee shown in the table is including Hostel Fee. But the college management is charging hostel fee additionally from my clients, even for the period in which they are not allowed to attend classes and they are not using hostels.

14. That my clients states that the college authorities collected original Admission Cum Scholarship letter from some of my clients and kept it in the college to prevent them from initiating legal action.

15. That my clients states that the College and __________ have violated the terms of the Admission Cum Scholarship letter and cheated the students.

16. That my clients states that you have conspired with each other and issued Admission Cum Scholarship letter with an intention to cheat our clients. You have spoiled the career of our clients.

17. That ___________ Group of Institutions is keeping original educational qualification certificates of my clients for further blackmail.

18. That my clients states that you have issued the scholarship cum admission letter after charging a huge amount of fee with an intention to cheat my clients which amounts to an offence punishable under criminal provisions of Indian Penal Code and my clients have every right to claim compensation from _________Group of Institutions and __________ for spoiling their career.

19. That my clients states that ____________ of Institutions are running under the banner of ______________ Charitable Trust, a Charitable Trust, still they are harassing the students for paying fees after violating the terms of Admission Cum Scholarship letter. Attention of the Income tax Department which allowed tax exemptions to the society and government authorities which facilitated setting-up the college under the banner charitable activities are to be invited for appropriate action.

20. Under the circumstances, I call upon you to cancel all the fee demands raised on my clients; Allow them to attend their classes within 2 days; allow them to appear for the examination and restrain from demanding any further tuition fee in future, failing which my client will be constrained to take legal action against you in a court of law for an offence punishable under Indian Penal Code for cheating and other applicable provisions; and claiming damages under Civil Proceedings for which you will be liable for all costs and consequences.

This is without prejudice to the legal rights available to my clients for claiming compensation from the __________ Group of Institutions and __________ and all other legal rights and remedies available to my client for the above-stated purpose including seeking a court monitored enquired into the entire issue.

You are liable to pay a sum of Rs. ______________/- as necessary cost and expenses of sending the present legal notice to you.

Copy of this legal notice is also kept at my office for further ready reference it required in future.

______________., Advocate

ENR No. ________

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