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First Appeal under Right to Information Act

Format of First Appeal under section 19(1) of the Right to Information Act.

ID NO__________

(For Official Use)




(Name & address of the Senior Officer acting as First Appellate Authority)

1. Name of the Applicant __________________________ 
2. Address of the Applicant  
3. Particulars of the Central/
State Public Information Officer:
(a) Name :
(b) Address:
4. Date of submission of application
for seeking information
5. Date on which 30/35/40 days from
submission of application are over
6. Reasons for appeal:
(Please indicate separately for each question)
(a) No response received within the
specified period:
(b) Aggrieved by the response received
within the specified period
(c ) Grounds for appeal
7. Last date for filing the appeal  
8. Particulars of Information
(a) Information requested
(b) Subject
(c) Period
9. A fee of ____for appeal has been deposited in______ vide Receipt No._____ Dated _________(only if applicable)


Signature of Appellant
E-mail address, if any
Tel. No. (office)________
` (Residence)____________



Please attach :
(a) Copy of RTI application.
(b) Copy of the response received from CPIO with which the appellant is aggrieved.


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