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Before The Rent Controller Delhi

______________________________ Petitioner


______________________________ Respondent

fixation of standard rent
Application for increase of standard rent
eviction of tenant

Under section _______ (Strike out whatever is applicable)

1. Municipal No. of the premises and Name if any.  
2. Street and Municipal Ward of division in which the premises are situated.  


(a) Name and address of the landlord.

  (b) Name and address of the tenant (s)  
4. 4. Whether the premises are residential
or non - residential


In the case of residential premises,
the number of person occupying the
same and in the case of non residential
premises the purposes for which these
are used and the number of employees,
if any, working therein.

6. Whether any furniture is supplied by the landlord.  
7. Details of fittings if any provided
by the landlord.


Details of accommodation available
together with particulars as regards
ground area garden and out house,
if any. (Plan to be attached)

9. Whether the premises are occupied
by a single (or more than one) tenant.


Amenities available in regard to
lighting, water sanitation and the like.



Money rent together with details of
house tax, electricity, water and other
charges paid by the tenant.



(a) Date of completion of construction
of the premises and the cost thereof.

  (b) Whether completion report was
obtained from the local authority and
if obtained, the date thereof.


Ratable value as entered in the last
property assessment book of the
Delhi Municipal Corporation/
New Delhi Municipal Committee or
the Delhi Cantonment Board,
as the case may be.



Date on which the premises were let
to the tenant and details of agreement
if any, with the landlord. Attested
copy of the agreement to be attached.



Where the rent of the premises has
been fixed under the New Delhi
House Rent Control Ordinance, 1939
or the Delhi Rent Control Ordinance,
1944, or the Delhi and Ajmer & Mewar
Rent Control Act, 1947 or the Delhi
Rent Control Act, 1958 & if so the
amount of such rent and the date
from which it took effect.



Whether there are any sub-tenants and
if so, the date of such sub letting
accommodation sub-let whether with
or without the written consent of the
landlord and the rent charged from
the sub-tenant.



Whether any additions or alterations
have been made since the rent was fixed
as stated under item No.15 and if so
the date on which such additions or
alteration were made & the cost of
such additions or alteration and
whether they were carried out with the
approval of the tan of the controller.



(a) The ground on which the eviction
of the tenant is sought.


 (b) Whether notice required has been
given and if so, particulars thereof
copies of such notice and tenant?s
reply if any, should be furnished.



Any other and relevant information.



Relief claimed.


Date: Signature of applicant/recognised agent


I/we the above named petitioner/petitioner's recognised agent do hereby verify that the contents of paragraph No.1 to 19 of my above application are true to my knowledge and last para is prayer to the Court.

Verified at Delhi this _____day of _____ 200__.

(Signature of applicant/recognised agent)


Eviction Petition Under Delhi Rent Control Act MS Word Format Download

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