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Power of Attorney by Non Resident Indian to sell property in India through Legal Representative

Special Power of Attorney format to be given by Non Resident Indian to representative in India to sell property in India and receive sale proceedings and other amounts.





That I, ________________________,(Passport No. _________________ Visa No. ______________ Aadhar No ___________________ Pan Card No. _______________________ S/o ________________________, an adult, presently residing at ____________________________ ________________________, DO HEREBY NOMINATE, CONSTITUTE AND APPOINT Mr. _______________________ ______________, aged about__ (Passport No. _________________, Aadhar No. ____________, Pan Card No. _______________________ ) S/o Sh. _________________ ________________ R/o ________________ __________, _____________________, as my true and lawful attorney, to act / perform / accomplish the tasks as given below.

WHEREAS, I am a co-owner of Property House No. _______________ _______________ along with Mr. __________________ _________s/o _________________ _____________, Smt. _______________ ______________ w/o ___________________ _____________.The property House No. ________________ _________________ is on free hold plot measuring ____________ sq yd ______ forming part of Khasra No: _________ in approved residential colony known as ____________, area of ____________, India.

WHEREAS, my appointed attorney Mr. __________________ __________, S/o ______________ _____________, R/o ________________ _______________ ______________, is hereby authorised by me to act on my behalf for taking all necessary steps in respect of the above said property whose I am the co-owner, for carrying out the following acts and deeds on my behalf:

1. That the aforesaid attorney is authorised to sign any application or necessary documents to receive the acknowledgements / receipts etc. while dealing with the he concerned authorities say D.D.A., M.C.D., B.S.E.S Ltd, S.D.M., Delhi Jal Board, M.T.N.L., Registrar Office, Delhi Police, or any other authority on my behalf in connection with the matter(s) concerning with the aforesaid property.

2. That the aforesaid attorney is also authorised to take all suitable actions on my behalf for arranging selling / assigning / transferring / conveying / exchange / mortgage / pledge / lease / licence /bargain or otherwise dispose of the aforesaid property and for executing / registering / the appropriate affidavits / Agreement to sale / deeds viz. Conveyance / Sale / Transfer deeds etc. etc. as the case may be Or any other documents not specified herein.

3. The said attorney is authorised to enter into bargaining / negotiations / transactions with any individual or party / agency or Government department and pay the necessary dues related to the said property and also to receive the money viz. sale proceeds etc. on my behalf.

4. The said attorney is further authorised to deposit the money related to the said property as received on my behalf into my bank account.

5. FURTHER, I do authorize my aforesaid attorney to execute, acknowledge and deliver any instrument under seal or otherwise, and to do all things necessary to carry out the intent hereof, hereby granting unto my said attorney full power and authority to act in and concerning the premises as fully and effectually as I may do if personally present.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, _______________ _____________ S/o ______________  _________________, set my hands in this Special Power of Attorney on this ___ day of _________, 2022 in presence of the below mentioned witnesses. The same is delivered to the holder of this Special Power of Attorney.






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