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How to file Complaint online with NHRC. Register petition online with National Human Rights Commission

You can register Complaints online with National Human Rights Commission by using the website of NHRC. Guide to file complaint online with National Human Rights Commission is explained below:


Steps to file Complaint with NHRC

Step 1: Visit the Website of NHRC by using the link

The following menu will open

NHRC Home Page

NHRC Complaint


Step 2: Click on Lodge Complaint/ Track Status Button


The following Menu will appear:

NHRC Lodge Complaint


Step 3: Click on Lodge Complaint Button

The following menu will open

NHRC Lodge Complaint




Step 4: Fill the above details

Select State of Incident : Select state from the List

Where do you want to submit your complaint : Select NHRC or State Commission

Mobile No: Fill your Mobile No

E-mail Id: Fill your email Id


Step 5: Click on Get OTP

Now you will receive OTP from the website. Please verify with OTP

After mandatory verification fill all mandatory fields in the next screen



1. Name : Mention Complete Name

2. Sex : Select Gender from list

3. Address : Mention Complete address for Correspondence

4. State : Select name of your State from the list

5. District : Select name of your District from the list

6. PIN CODE: Wirt PIN code of your locality, email-id and mobile no., if available


7. Name : Mention complete name of the victim

8. Address : Mention Complete address of the victim

9. State : Select name of State from the list, from. where the victim belongs to

10. District : Select name of District from the list, from where the victim belongs to.

11. Sex : Select Gender of the victim from the list, If the number of victims are more than one then Select 'Group' option

12. PIN CODE : Write PIN code of locality, if available

13. Disability : Select the disability status of the victim from the list

14. Age : Mention age of the victim in years

15. Religion : Select Religion of the victim from list

16. Caste : Select Caste of the victim from list



17. Place : Mention exact place of incident i.e. locality, Village, Town, City

18. State : Select Name of State from the list, where incident occurred

19. District : Select Name of District from the list, where incident occurred

20. Incident Date : Mention incident date (Date/Month/Year).

21. Incident : Category Select incident category from the list with whom the incident relates to

22. Incident Sub-Category : Select incident sub- category from the list which specifically shows the nature of incident

23. Write complaint : Brief summary of facts/allegations of the incident/complaint

24. Is it filed before any Court/State Human Rights Commission : Select the option whether the complaint of same incident is filed before any Court OR State Human Rights Commission.


25. Name, designation & address of the Public Servant Mention full details of Public Servant/Authority against whom the complaint is being made.

26. Relief sought for Mention full details of relief, which is sought against the human rights violation.




Step 6: Click on Preview to Finalise the Complaint


Step 7: Upload Document if required in PDF Format only


Step 8: Select whether do you want to show victim and complainant name on website or not


Step 9: Click on Submit button


After successful submission, you will get a Unique Diary Number. Using this Diary number you can track the status of Complaint


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