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Affidavit for Application to change name in the Education Certificate.

Format of Affidavit to be attached with application for change of name in the Education Certificate.

Application for change of name in the certificate should be attached with affidavit. Sometimes the name of person may change after marriage or due to any other reason. In such circumstances application for change of name must be filed to get name in the certificate changed.

Sample Format of Affidavit to be attached with application for change of name is given below: 


BEFORE THE REGISTRAR _________________ UNIVERSITY _______________

I, Mrs._______________, daughter of Shri. ______________, wife of Shri ____ ____________, aged about __ years, resident of ______, ________________, New Delhi-______, do hereby solemnly affirm and state as under:-

1. That I am the applicant in the application submitted for the change of name and as such I am fully conversant with the facts deposed to below.

2. That I have passed my __________Examination with Roll No ________ from ______________ University in the year __________ with my name Km___________.

3. That I am the daughter of Shri _________________ At the time of my admission to the school, my name was Km _____________ which continued till my marriage with Shri _____________on ________

4. That after my marriage with Shri ________________ due to change in surname of my husband, my name has changed from Km. __________________ to Smt. I, _______________, son of Shri. ______________, aged about __ years, resident of ______, ________________, New Delhi-______, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:- 

5. That I have been appointed as _____________in  _____________and the appointing authority has asked me to submit the certificate issued by the University with the changed name.

6. That I who is now called as Smt _____________ is the same person as Km_____________ before my marriage with Shri _____________

7. That as required by the I it is necessary to issue certificate in the changed name.



Verified at Delhi on this day of, ___ that the contents of my above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing material has been concealed therefrom.



Procedure For Name Change In India

To change name in India certain procedure needs to be followed. They are:


1. Prepare Affidavit for Change of Name

An affidavit is necessary to prepare explaining why the name change is opted by the person who is making the affidavit besides affirming these details-

- Full name of the applicant (deponent)
- Father's name or husband's name (in case of married women)
- Full residential address
The Affidavit with declaration should be attested by a Judicial Magistrate or Notary or an Oaths Commissioner.


2. Publish Advertisement in the Newspaper

The name change advertisement must be published in one of the leading local daily newspapers with accurate details. The advertisement should include the old name as well as the new name of the applicant, applicant's full residential address, name of witnessing/attesting authority place and date on which the affidavit was made.


3. Furnish Necessary Documents of Name Change

Those who want to change his/her name has to keep the below documents ready for the publication of change of name advertisement in the Gazette of India.

1. An affidavit duly signed by the applicant and attested by Judicial Magistrate/Notary.

2. Original newspaper in which name change ad is given.

3. Prescribed type proforma with signatures of applicant and two witnesses.

4. A C.D. (compact disc) that containing the soft copy of typed content of the application in MS Word format. In the place of signature of applicant, the applicant's old name has to be given and witness details need not be included.

5. A certificate in which the applicant declares that the contents included in both soft copy and hard copy are similar. The applicant should duly sign the certificate.

6. Two passport size photographs, both self-attested by the applicant.

7. A photocopy of a valid ID proof, self attested by the applicant.

8. A request letter along with the requisite fee as per the Authority.


4. Apply For Change Of Name In Gazette
The documents listed above, printing charges along with a forwarding letter should be submitted to The Controller of Publications, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054 for Delhi or to the address in your state where Gazette publication is done. The papers have to be submitted either personally or shall be sent by post/courier to the Department.


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