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Consultant Appointment letter to appoint Professional Consultant on retainer ship.

Format of Appointment letter to Appoint Professional Consultant on Retainer ship.

Many professionals do not work as regular employee of a Company. In some professions like advocacy a person cannot be appointed as an employee as Advocate is an officer of court. To get professional services of such professionals the companies appoint them on retainer ship basis or for a monthly lump sum amount as remuneration. They are not bound to work as an employee of the Company, buy they will provide their professional services as per the terms of Appointment letter. Sometimes retired employees are also being appointed on professional contract.

Sample Format of Appointment Letter of Consultant to provide consultancy is given below.



Ref No: HR/__/Del/__/__/____

Date : _______________

Mr. _______________

Address _______________

Dear Mr. _______________,

Welcome to the _______________ team.

Dear With reference to the discussions you have had with us, we are pleased to appoint you as "_______" for our Group companies on the following terms and conditions:

1. You will be paid a consolidated amount of Rs._______ (Rupees _______only) per month.

2. The above consolidated amount will consist of the following: a) Rs. _________ per month as fixed pay, and b) Rs. _________ per month as variable pay which is linked to your performance and that of the company.

3. This appointment is for a period of two years effective date of your joining and may be renewed on a mutual basis. This arrangement is with effect from _______ and will be valid for a period of _______years/s.

4. In this capacity, you will be located at ____ and will report to _______ or any other person nominated by the company. However, your services could be transferred to any other Departments/Divisions of the Company. Notwithstanding your appointment in this company, your services could be reassigned to any other company of the _____________ Group.

5. You may also be assigned such other duties as may become necessary _______________ at the discretion of the Management in any Branch or office of the Company and/ or its Subsidiaries or Associate Companies.

6. You will be eligible for 18 days leave pro-rated per calendar year. However, leave will be allowed subject to exigencies of work.

7. You will be provided comprehensive Accident/ Medical Health Insurance for your and your spouse.

8. It is clarified that in addition to the above, you will not be entitled to any other benefits.

9. This appointment can be terminated by giving three-month notice on either side or payment in lieu of shortfall in this notice period.

10. You shall observe all rules and regulations of the company.

11. During the tenure of the assignment with the company, you will not engage yourself in any other assignments or gainful employment without consent of the management.

12. You are required to maintain the highest order of secrecy with regards to the work or confidential information of the Company and/ or its subsidiaries or Associate Companies and in case of any breach of trust, your appointment may be terminated by the Company without any notice.

13. The Company lays emphasis on all statutory compliances and your should ensure compliance with various statues in your area of operations. Kindly sign a copy of this letter in acceptance of the above mentioned terms and conditions and return the same for our records.

Best Regards,

For ______________ Ltd


General Manager (HR)

I agree to accept consultancy on the terms and conditions above mentioned. The original of this letter is in my possession.

Sign: ____________

Name: _____________

Place : _______________

Date : _______________  



Designation : _______

Location : New Delhi

Date of Joining : On or before ____________

The breakup of the annual Consultancy is given below:


SNO Components Monthly Amount (Rs) Annual Amount (Rs)
1. Monthly Fixed amount    
2. Incentive    

Note: In addition to the above, you will be entitled for free shared accommodation subject to rules and regulations of the company.


Confidentiality Agreement for Consultant

I, _____________ do hereby agree with _______________ Private Limited and all of its associate companies to abide by the following in consideration of the compensation paid to me by _______________ Private Limited for services, in any capacity, as a Consultant.

1. I shall disclose, fully and promptly, to _______________ Private Limited, all improvements and developments made or conceived, in whole or in part, by me during the term of my employment with _______________ Private Limited, relating to products, processes, services or methods that may be of interest to _______________ Private Limited in its business.

2. I shall not disclose to anyone, directly or indirectly, except as my duties at _______________ Private Limited may require, during or subsequent to the term of my employment by _______________ Private Limited, any trade secret or confidential information regarding _______________ Private Limited's business. Trade Secrets and Confidential information for this purpose shall include, but not be limited to, product information, process information, customer lists, company policies and procedures and financial information (including results, budgets and other financial plans and systems) not already available to the public. In the event my employment with _______________ Private Limited shall terminate, I agree to return to _______________ Private Limited all such trade secret and confidential information in my possession.

3. I am aware that _______________ Private Limited does not expect nor does it want me to disclose trade secrets or other confidential information of any of my former employers, and I acknowledge my responsibility not to disclose to _______________ Private Limited any information in the nature of a trade secret that would violate my legal obligation to others.

4. This AGREEMENT may not be modified on behalf of _______________ Private Limited in whole or in part except by a statement in writing signed by an executive officer of _______________ Private Limited.

For _______________ Private Limited                             Consultant

Signature Signature                                                        Signature Signature
(General Manager HR)

(Name: ____________)

Date :
Place: _______


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