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Suit, Petition and Compliant formats for District Courts, Consumer Forum, High Court, NCDRC and Supreme Court.

Format of Suits, Plaints, Affidavits, Revision Petitions, Consumer Complaints, Writ Petition, PIL, Special Leave Petition (SLP), Transfer Petitions, Review Petitions and Curative Petitions

Sample format of Suits, Petitions affidavits etc are given below. These are only sample format. Users are requested to please make necessary changes or check for the updated format if any from respective courts.


Suits under Code of Civil Procedure 1908

Format of Suit for Specific Performance with alternate prayer for refund of money download in MS Word Format

Summary Suit under Order XXXVII of Code of Civil Procedure download for recovery of money against return of cheque, negotiable instrument or confirmed debt.

Format of Suit for Compensation for death due to negligence or physical disability due to negligence of others. The Suit can be filed before Competent Judge in Civil Court as per pecuniary Jurisdiction

Format of Suit seeking Injunction against illegal construction, public nuisance etc.

Injunction Application seeking Injunction in a Suit already filed in the Court

Suit for Possession of Property after termination of License Agreement, format

Suit for Possession of Property Trespassed by Defendant, format

Petition for Probate of a will under section 276 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925




Format for Section 138 Legal Notice, Criminal Complaint

Download format of legal notice against return of cheque to be served to the drawer before filing Criminal Complaint u/s 138 of of Negotiable Instruments Act against return of cheque

Download format of Criminal Complaint u/s 138 of of Negotiable Instruments Act against return of cheque.

What documents needs to be Annexed with Criminal Complaint u/s 138 of of Negotiable Instruments Act against return of cheque? List of documents to be attached with Complaint in case of companies.

Format of Affidavit for and on behalf of the Complainant by way of evidence in case of Criminal Complaint Under section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act


Criminal Complaint under Code of Criminal Procedure

Criminal Complaint under Section 200 CrPC read with Section 156(3) CrPC with Magistrate to order Investigation by Police


Consumer Court Complaint Format

Consumer Complaint format download - NCDRC Petition format. Consumer complaint against builder praying for refund, compensation, legal expenses

Register Consumer Complaint online with National Consumer Helpline Website

Consumer Complaint under Section 12 of Consumer Protection Act 1986, with District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, in case of exorbitant charge by Credit Card Bank and harassment by Recovery Agents


Motor Vehicles Act

Application for Payment of Compensation under Section 140 and 166 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 for claiming motor accident compensation, before Motor Accident Claims Tribunal

Application format to release stolen vehicle from Police Custody, with Affidavit

Petition format to release accident vehicle from seized by Police, from Police Custody, with Affidavit


Police Complaint

Complaint to Police, format, to Register FIR under 154 CrPC in a Cheating case


High Court Petition Formats

Writ Petition under Article 226 and 227 to High Court to challenge CAT order

Writ Petition, Article 226 to High Court for seeking Writ to protect Fundamental Right

Writ Petition of Habeas Corpus to High Court to release a person, Quash order

Writ Petition seeking Mandamus to High Court to quash order and Reinstate Petitioner

Writ Petition, Prohibition in High Court to prohibit Respondents from initiating action

Writ Petition, Writ of Certiorari in High Court to quash order passed by Respondents

Writ Petition, Writ of Quo Warranto in High Court to cancel illegal appointment order



Supreme Court Petition Formats

1. Special Leave Petitions

SLP under Article 136 of Constitution to Supreme Court against High Court Judgment

SLP (Criminal) under Article 136 of the Constitution against Judgment of High Court

SLP Application for exemption from filing officially translated documents

SLP affidavit to be filed with SLP (Special Leave Petition) in Supreme Court

SLP Advocate on Record (AOR) Certificate to be filed with SLP in Supreme Court

SLP  Counter Affidavit from Respondents against Special Leave Petition (SLP)

SLP Rejoinder Affidavit against Counter Affidavit in Supreme Court of India

SLP Application for Withdrawal of case from Supreme Court on settlement


2. Civil Appeals

Supreme Court Civil Appeal u/s 22 of NGT Act 2010 to be filed in Supreme Court

Supreme Court Civil Appeal u/s 23 of Consumer Protection Act, Judgment of NCDRC


3. Writ Petitions

Supreme Court Writ Petition Public Interest Litigation (PIL) Article 32 of Constitution


4. Review Petitions

Review Petition to Supreme Court under Article 137 of Constitution of India, Format

Supreme Court Review Petition under Article 137 - AOR Certificate

Application for Permission to file Review Petition in Supreme Court


5. Transfer Petition under Section 406 of CrPC

Supreme Court Transfer Petition u/s 406 of Criminal Procedure Code


6. Contempt Petition

Contempt Petition to Supreme Court under Section 12 of Contempt of Court Act


7. Application formats for Supreme Court

Application for Impleadment in an existing case in Supreme Court

Application seeking Direction from Supreme Court in a Pending Case

Miscellaneous Application in Supreme Court in decided case for implementation of order

Intervention Application to Supreme Court to Intervene in a Matter

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