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Rajasthan Police Servant Verification online. Download Servant Registration form in PDF.

How to do Servant verification online with Rajasthan Police. Steps to register Servant information and submit for verification by Rajasthan Police. Documents required and Procedure.

You can do Servant verification online in Rajasthan by registering maid information with the website of Rajasthan Police. The application can be filed online to register Domestic help and employer information. You can also download Servant Verification from and submit with the nearest Police Station for Verification of maid. Every Employer should register for servant verification online or download Servant Verification form and Complete formalities before appointing them for employment. This will help the employer to avoid future legal complications.



Steps for Servant Verification by Rajasthan Police

Step 1: Visit website of Rajasthan Police

The following Menu will open


Rajasthan Police Home Page Tenant Verification


Step 3: Click on Verification form (Servant/Tenant)

The Following menu will open

Rajasthan Police Tenant Registration


Step 4: Click on Servant Uploads

The Following page will open


 Rajasthan Police Servant Verification



Step 5: Fill Information asked in the form


Servant Details

Photo ID Type: Select Photo ID type and Fill ID No

Applicant's Availability Time: Select Applicant availability time from the menu From To

Servant Name: Type Tenant's First Name, Middle Name and Last Name

Father/ Husband Name: Write Father or Husband First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

Gender: Select Gender from the List

Date of Birth: Fill Date of Birth and Age

Servant State: Select Tenant State, District and Police Station from the list

Permanent Address: Write Permanent Address


Employer Details

Employer Name: Fill first name, middle name and last name

Father/Husband's Name: Fill first name, middle name and last name

Employer Mobile No: Fill Mobile No

Employer Address: Fill Address

Employer Police District: Select from the List

Employer Police Station : Select from the list

Referred by: Write the name of person referred the Servant

Upload Servant Photo: Attach Photograph of Servant

Upload Servant photo ID: Attach scanned Photo ID of Servant


Step 6: Click on Save Servant Details Button

Now Servant verification application with Rajasthan Police is over. You will receive acknowledgement to your contact information.



Note: Photograph and Identification proof of Servant need to be uploaded. Please check the website of Rajasthan Police for more information.


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