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Gujarat Police Verification Certificate apply online. Download PCC Application form in PDF.

How to apply for Police Clearance Certificate online with Gujarat Police for employment and other purposes. Steps to submit PCC Application form online with Gujarat Police, Documents required and Procedure.

Police Clearance Certificate can be applied online in Gujarat by using the Website of Gujarat Police. The application can be filed online to register of PCC. You can also download Police Clearance Certificate Verification form and submit with the nearest Police Station for issue of PCC. Many employers and Government Departments seek Police Clearance Certificate from employees before appointing them for permanent jobs. This will help the employer to recruit employees without criminal record and good character.



Steps to apply for Police Verification Certificate, Gujarat Police

Step 1: Visit website of Gujarat Police

The following Menu will open

Gujarat Police Home Page Tenant Verification


Step 3: Click on Police Clearance Certificate

The Following menu will open

Gujarat Police Login for Tenant Registration


Step 4: If you are a new user click on click to Register option

The Following page will open


 Gujarat Police Tenant Registration

Gujarat Police Register


Step 5: Fill Information asked in the form

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

User Name

Mobile Number


Step 6: Click on Sent OTP button

Enter OTP Received

Write your new password, Confirm password

Write Email Address, Select Secret Question and Write Secrete Answer


Step 7: Type the Code shown on the Screen and Click on user agreement for tick mark


Step 8: Click on Complete Registration Button

Now your registration with Gujarat Police is over



Step 8: Visit Home Page of Website


Step 9: Click on Police Clearance Certificate

The Following menu will open

Gujarat Police Login for Tenant Registration


Step 10: Type User Name, Password


Step 11: Click on Login

Now you will be logged on to the Police Clearance Certificate page of Gujarat Police Website. You can fill the form, attach documents and submit to the website to apply for Police Clearance Certificate.


Note: Photograph and Identification proof of applicant need to be uploaded. Please check the website of Gujarat Police for more information.


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