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Punjab Police Servant Verification online

How to do Servant Verification online in Punjab through Punjab Police

In Punjab Servant Verification application can be submitted online through the website of Punjab Police. To file information related to Servant you can use the online system introduced by the Punjab Police Department. There is no need of visiting the Police Station initially to provide information. You can upload Servant information and details online to the website of Punjab Police. Steps to apply for Servant verification with Punjab Police is explained below.



Steps for Servant Verification with Punjab Police


Step 1 : Visit the Website of Punjab Police

Home page of the website with the following Menu will open


Punjab Police Home Page


Step 2: Click on Apply online

The following Menu will open

Punjab Police User Registration


Step 3: If you are registered with the website click on Login with Your Account

If you are not registered click fill the required information

Name : Type your Name

E-mail Address: Type your e-mail ID

Password : Type a new password

Confirm Password: Retype the password

Mobile No: Enter your Mobile Number

Captcha : Click on box before I'm not a robot


Step 4: Click on Register

Now your registration with Punjab Police Website is complete


Step 5: Click on Apply online

The following Menu will open

Punjab Police User Registration

Step 6:  Click on Login with Your Account

The following menu will open

Punjab Police Login

Step 7: Enter your Registered Mobile No, Password and Click on Captcha declaration

Step 8: Click on Login

Step 9: After Login go to Verification Services, Servant Verification,  fill required information, Enter Servant Details and upload documents


Step 10: Click on Submit Button

Now your Servant information will be submitted with Punjab Police. You will receive e-mail confirmation to your email account.

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