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Treaty, Convention, Protocol, Summit and  Conference


Agreement between two or more states that affects them.



Set of rule for states agreeing to meet to solve an issue that affects larger part of the world.



Set of rules formed and agreed for every treaty and convention.



Meeting of heads of all states



Long open ended topics, meetings


Stockholm declaration, 1992

First document on international environmental law to recognize right to healthy environment.

Nations agreed to take responsibility for harm caused to environment.

26 Principles accepted to be followed.



International Boundary lines

1. India - Pakistan LOC

24th parallel

- Recognized by Pakistan

- Radcliffe line - Recognized by India


2. Mc Mahon Line

India - China


3. Durand Line

Pakistan - Afghanistan


4. 17th Parallel

North Vietnam/ South Vietnam


5. 38th Parallel

North Korea - South Korea


6. Order - Neisse

Poland - Germany


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