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Treaty, Convention, Protocol, Summit and  Conference


Agreement between two or more states that affects them.



Set of rule for states agreeing to meet to solve an issue that affects larger part of the world.



Set of rules formed and agreed for every treaty and convention.



Meeting of heads of all states



Long open ended topics, meetings


Stockholm declaration, 1992

First document on international environmental law to recognize right to healthy environment.

Nations agreed to take responsibility for harm caused to environment.

26 Principles accepted to be followed.



International Boundary lines

1. India - Pakistan LOC

24th parallel

- Recognized by Pakistan

- Radcliffe line - Recognized by India


2. Mc Mahon Line

India - China


3. Durand Line

Pakistan - Afghanistan


4. 17th Parallel

North Vietnam/ South Vietnam


5. 38th Parallel

North Korea - South Korea


6. Order - Neisse

Poland - Germany


Note for LLB Entrance Examinations

Muslim Law

Muslim Law in brief

Nikah- Muslim Marriage Conditions

Talaq - Muslim Divorce Law

Hindu Law

Hindu Marriage Act in Brief

Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956

Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act 1956

Hindu Succession Act 1956 Notes

Special Marriage Act 1954 Notes

Historic Development of Law in India

Constitution of India

Preamble of the Constitution of India

Fundamental Rights in Constitution of India

Article 32 Remedies for enforcement of rights

Directive Principles of State Policy

Fundamental Duties

Executive, Judiciary, President, VP

Extent of Powers of Union, Supreme Court etc

State Judiciary, High Court, Lower Courts

Parliament, Council of states, house of people

Introduction and passing bills, budget etc

State Legislature, Composition, duration

Bills, Money Bill, Finance Bill, Proceedings

Emergency - National, State, Financial


Non Constitutional Bodies, Niti ayog, NHRC etc

Panchayat, Municipality, Cooperative Societies

Important amendments to the Constitution

PIL - Public Interest Litigation, Judicial Review

Doctrine of Basic Structure in Constitution

Indian Citizenship law

Constitution of India Schedules and Provisions

Criminal Laws

Theft, Extortion, Robbery, Cheating etc

Tress Pass, Negligence, Nuisance, Defamation

Liability - Vicarious, Strict, Absolute Liability

Crime, Stages, Elements, General Exceptions

IPC Chapter, Provisions and Sections

Crime, origin, Elements, Stages  Exceptions

Indian Penal Code Sections and Description

Other Laws, International bodies etc

Law of Torts - Civil Tort, Criminal Tort

Contract Essentials valid, void, voidable

United Nations, UNGA, UNSC, ICJ, UN ECOSOC

List of International Bodies

Treaty, Convention, Protocol, Summit etc..

World Intellectual Property Organization

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