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Non Constitutional Bodies

1. Niti Ayog

National Institute for Transforming India

Research Wing


Team India Wing

1 Person from each Ministry




Protection of Human Rights Act 1993

Watchdog of Human rights

Ex Chief Justice of India or Judge of Supreme Court

3 Person having knowledge of human rights as members at least one will be women

Appointed by President on recommendation of 6 member committee

Age 70 or 5 years tenure


State Human Rights Commission

Chairperson - Ex Chief Justice or Ex Judge of a High Court

2 Members




3. Chief Information Commissioner (CIC), SCIC


Recommendation of President -1

Recommendation of Governor - 10

under RTI Act 2005


4. Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)

Sanatanan Committee (1962-1964)

Prevent Corruption

Tenure - Age 60, or 4 years as CVC


5. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1963

Under Ministry of Home Affairs


Director - (Remember Name)


6. Lokpal & Lokayuktas

Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act 2013

(Only samajwadi party disagreed)

Lokpal = Citizen's ombudsman

Taken from Sweden, 1809

Governor appoints Lokayutas

Strengthen CBI


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