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Important amendments to the Constitution of India

1st Amendment 1951

- 15(4) Backward classes

- Schedule 9 Land reforms

- 19(2) Restrictions added

(i) Friendly relations

(ii) Public Order

(iii) Investment


10th Amendment, 1961

Schedule I - Dadar Nagar Haveli


12th Amendment, 1961

Schedule I - Goa, Daman and Diu


13th Amendment, 1962

Schedule I, Nagaland


14th Amendment, 1962



22nd Amendment, 1969

Schedule I - Meghalaya


36th Amendment, 1971

Schedule I - Sikkim


42nd Amendment, 1976

Preamble : Socialist, Secular, Integrity Added

Article 39, 39A, 43A, 48A added

Fundamental Right - Article 51A

Schedule - 7

- Weights

- Wild life

- Education, State -> Concurrent

- Justice Administration

- Forests




44th Amendment, 1978

Right to Property Article 31 Removed

Article 19(1)(f) Removed

Article 300A added



Internal disturbance -Removed

Armed Rebellion - Added

Parliamentary approval in 2 Months (1 Month condition changed)

Simple Majority removed and Special Majority introduced

Lok Sabha Provision removed and Lok Sabha + Rajya Sabha introduced

President provision removed and President + Lok Sabha introduced


52nd Amendment, 1985

Anti Defection, Schedule 10

61st Amendment




61st Amendment, 1989

Lowered the voting age of elections to the Lok Sabha and to the Legislative Assemblies of States from 21 years to 18 years


73rd Amendment, 1992

Schedule II

Part 9


74th Amendment, 1992

Schedule 12

Part 9A

234P to 243ZG


77th Amendment, 1995

Article 16(4A) Promotion of SC & ST


86th Amendment 2002

Fundamental Right 21A- 6-14

Right of Children to free and compulsory education Act, 2009

DPSP - 45 0-6

Fundamental Rights 51A(k) 6-14


93rd Amendment, 2005


Educational institutions quashed a Judgment denying reservation in Private Education.


99th Amendment, 2014

Collegiums System formed to NJAC

Article 124A, 124B, 124C

Later quashed by Supreme Court in Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association Vs Union of India


101st Amendment, 2016

Goods and Services Tax

Article 246A - Special Law for GST

Article 269A- Interstate Trade or Commerce GST

Article 279A Creation of GST Council


102nd Amendment, 2018

National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC)

Article 338B, 342A


103rd Amendment, 2019

10% Reservation for Economically Weaker Section


104th Amendment 2021

 Removed Reserved seat of Anglo Indian Community

extended the deadline for the cessation of seats for SCs and STs in the Lok Sabha and states assemblies from Seventy years to Eighty


Other Amendments for languages to Schedule 8

21st Amendment, 1967: Sindhi

71st Amendment, 1992: Nepali, Konkani, Manipuri

92nd Amendment, 2005: Bodo, Sarthali, Maithili, Dogri

96th Amendment, 2011: Oriya -> Odiya

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