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1. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee, 1957

Recommended 3 tier Government

January 1956 to November 1957

Gram Panchayat = Village

Panchayat Samiti/ Block Level = Block

Zila = District

Collector - Chairman

Rajasthan was the 1st state to implement - 2nd October 1959

Andhra Pradesh 2nd State - 1st November, 1959


2. Ashok Mehta Committee, 1977

132 Recommendations

Against Panchayat Raj in India

Recommended 2 tier - Zila Parishad, Mandal Panchayat

Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Accepted

Countn't be implemented as Janata Party Government




3. G V K Rao Committee 1985

Under Planning Commission

Leass Bureaucratism


Was not considered

Government of India Rejected


4. L. M. Singhvi Committee 1986

New Chapter in constitution for Panchayat's

Financial resources and Judicial tribunals for Panchayats

Rajiv Gandhi's time


5. P. K. Thangan Committee 1989

District Planning Purpose

Strengthen Panchayats

3 tier, 5 year tenure


6. V M Gadkil Committee

How effective is PRI?

Same as Thangan

3 tier, reservation, taxes etc

Caused amendments needed

Eventually provisions were taken from Balwan RM Committee.


73rd Amendment

Part 9 -> 243

Schedule II

29 matters

Women 1/3

SC, ST Reservation - No percentage fixed

Duration - 5 Years

State will audit

Minimum age 21


No Panchayat




Schedule 6 Areas

- Arunachal

- Misoram

- Tripura

- Manipur



- Nagar Panchayat

- Municipal Council

- Municipal Corporation

Schedule 12, Part IX A, Article 243P - 243 ZG

1/3 Women

SC, ST reservation (no % fixed)

5 Years

Minimum Age - 21 years

1st Municipal Corporation - Madras

P V Narasimha Rao - This concept


Cooperative Societies

Article 43B, Part IX B, 243ZH- 243ZT

Tenure 5 Years 97th Amendment 2011

Will have boards with maximum 21 Directors

1 SC

1 ST

2 Women   

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