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Article 107 Provisions as to introduction and passing of bills


Article 108 Joint sitting of both houses in certain cases

(From Australia)

- Dowry Bill

- Banking Services

- Prevention of Terrorism


Article 109 Special Procedure in respect of Money bills


Article 110 Definition of "Money Bills"


Article 111 Assent to Ills

Procedure in Financial Matters


Article 112 Annual Financial Statement

- Budget

- Halwa Day - 20th January, North Block


Article 113 Procedure in Parliament with respect to estimates


Article 114 Appropriation of Bills


Article 115 Supplementary, Additional or excess Grants


Article 116 Votes on account, votes of credit, exceptional grants




Article 117 Special Provisions as to Financial Bills


Article 266 Consolidated Fund of India

Government of India Revenues and Payments


Public Account

- PF Deposits

- Judicial Deposits

- Quasi Judicial Deposits

- Saving Bank Interest


Article 267 Contingency Fund of India

- Emergency case

- Some amount transferred every year

- President decides


Schedule 7

Union List 97, 100

State List 61, 66

Concurrent List 47, 52

During emergency education, forests, wildlife are transferred from state list to concurrent list

42nd Amendment - Education from State to Concurrent list


Article 118 Rules and Procedure

Joint Sitting

- President will give rules after consulting with chairman and speaker

- If speaker is not available such person decided by rules shall preside


Article 119 Regulation by law of procedure in parliament n relation to financial business

- Parliament


Article 120 Language in parliament

- Hindi

- English

- Exceptions allowed


Article 121 Restriction on Discussion

- Conduct of Judge


Article 122 Court not to inquire into parliamentary proceedings

- Same in States


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