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Constitution of India

Schedules and Provisions


Schedule 1 The Union and the States
Schedule 2 Salaries and Allowances
Schedule 3 Oaths
Schedule 4 Seats in Rajya Sabha
Schedule 5 Scheduled areas and Tribes
Schedule 6 Tribal Areas - Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram
Schedule 7 Lists
Schedule 8 Languages
Schedule 9 Land and Reforms
Schedule 10 Anti Defection
Schedule 11 Panchayats
Schedule 12 Municipalities




Provisions and Article

I Union and its Territory 1-4
II Citizenship 5-11
III Fundamental Rights 12-35
IV Directive Principles of State Policy 36-51
IVA Fundamental Duties 51A
V Union 52-151
VI States 152-237
VIII Union Territories 239-242
IX Panchayats 243-243O
IXA Municipalities 243P-243ZG
IXB Co operative Societies 243ZH-243ZT
X The Scheduled and Tribal Areas 244-244A
XI Relations between Union and States 245-263
XII Finance, Property, Contract sand suits 264-300A
XIII Trade, Commerce and Intercourse within Territory of India 301-307
XIV Services under Union and States 308-323
XV Elections 324-329A
XVI Special Provisions relating to certain classes 330-342
XVII Official Language 343-351
XVIII Emergency Provisions 352-360
XIX Miscellaneous 361-367
XX Amendment of Constitution 368
XXI Temporary Transitional and Special Provisions 369-392
XXII Short title, Commencement and Repeals 393-395



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