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Indian Penal Code Sections and Description

IPC Section Description
349 Force
350 Criminal Force
351 Assault
354 Assault / Criminal Force to outrage modesty of a woman
378 Theft
379 Punishment for theft
383 Extortion
384 Punishment for extortion
390 Robbery
391 Dacoity
392 Punishment for robbery
395 Punishment for Dacoity
399 Preparing for Dacoity




IPC Section Description
403 Criminal Misappropriation
404 Dishonest misappropriation of property possessed by deceased person at the time of death
405 Criminal Breach of Trust
406 Punishment for Criminal Breach of Trust
407, 408, 408 Aggravated form of Criminal Breach of Trust
415 Cheating
416 Cheating by Personation
417 Punishment for cheating
419 Punishment for cheating by personation
420 Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property
425 Mischief
426 Punishment for mischief
441 Criminal Tress pass
447 Punishment for criminal tress pass
442 House tress pass
443 Lurking house tress pass
444 Lurking house tress pass at night
445 House breaking
446 House breaking at night
493 Cohabitation, belief, marriage
494 Bigamy
495 Marriage concealment - bigamy
496 Fake marriage
497 Adultery
498 Wife, criminal elopement
498A Husband, relative, cruelty
304B Dowry Death


Punishable Attempt

IPC Section Description
307 Attempt to murder
308 Attempt to culpable homicide
309 Attempt to commit suicide
393 Attempt commit dacoity
511 Punishment for attempting to commit offences punishable with imprisonment for life or other imprisonment


IPC Section Description
141 Unlawful assembly
149 Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed under prosecution of common object
120A Definition of Criminal Conspiracy
120B Punishment for Criminal Conspiracy
76 Bound or mistake of law
77 Act of Judge acting judicially
78 Pursuant to Judgment / Court order
79 Mistake of fact, Justified by law
80 Accident
81 Necessity (greater harm)
82 Child below 7
83 Child 7-12
84 Insane person
85 Intoxication against will
86 Willing intoxication
87 Consent - Death not known to the doer
88 Consent - Death intended - Good faith
89 Consent - Child/ Insane - Good faith
90 Consent - Fear / Mis conception
91 Exclusion offences independent
92 No consent - Good faith
93 Communication good faith
94 Act compelled by threat
95 Act causing slight harm
96 Done in right of private defence
97 Right of Private Defence - Body, Property
98 Right of Private Defence - against unsound mind
99 No Right of Private Defence
100 Right of Private Defence - Death
101 Right of Private Defence - Harm, Death
102 Commencement, Finding of Right of Private Defence
103 Right of Private Defence Property - death
104 Right of Private Defene Property - Other than death
105 Commencement, ending of Right of Private Defence
106 Right of Private Defence, innocent Victim




IPC Section Description
319 Hurt
320 Grievous Hurt
321 Voluntary causing hurt
322 Voluntary causing grievous hurt
323 Punishment for Voluntary causing hurt
325 Punishment for Voluntary grievous hurt
326A Acid attack. Voluntary Grievous hurt
326B Voluntary throwing / attempting acid
339 Wrongful restraint
340 Wrongful confinement
341 Punishment for wrongful restraint
342 Punishment for wrongful confinement
359 Kidnapping
360 Kidnapping from India
361 Kidnapping from lawful guardianship
362 Abduction
363 Punishment for kidnapping
364A Kidnapping for ransom
366A Procuation of minor girl


IPC Section Description
107 Abetment
108 Abettor
410 Receiving stolen property
499 Defamation
500 Punishment for defamation
501 Printing, defamatory material
502 Sale of Defamation matter
503 Criminal Intimidation
506 Punishment for criminal intimidation
510 Misconduct by drunken person
349 Force
350 Criminal Force
351 Assault
354 Assault/ Criminal force to women with intent to outrage her modesty
354A Sexual Harassment and Punishment
354B Assault/Criminal force to woman with intent to disrobe
354C Voyeurism
354D Stalking
370 Trafficking a person
370A Exploitation of a trafficked person
371 Habitual dealing in slaves
372 Selling minor for prostitution
373 Buying, hires or otherwise obtain possession of female
375 Rape
376 Punishment for Rape
376A Punishment for causing death/ resulting vegetative state
376B Sexual Intercourse by husband upon his wife during separation
376AB Punishment for rape on woman under 12 years of age
376C Sexual Intercourse by person in authority
376D Gang Rape
376DA Punishment, gang rape, below 16 years
376DB Punishment, gang rape, below 12 years
376E Punishment for repeat offenders
377 Unnatural Offences



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