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West Bengal Traffic Police Register Complaint against Taxi, Auto Rickshaw, Mini Bus, Bus or any kind of traffic violations

How to File Complaint online with West Bengal Traffic Police for Traffic Violations

In West Bengal you register Complaint online with West Bengal Traffic Police for Traffic Violations against Auto Rickshaw, Taxi, Buses etc for offences like Fare-meter not in motion or defective meter, Rash and Dangerous Driving, Demanding excess Fare, Not reaching passenger to the destination, Not stopping Bus/Mini Bus at the scheduled Stoppage, Refusal to go on hire, Rude and disorderly behavior, Employed Attendant/Helper in Taxi Beyond 8 pm to 5 am., Picked up additional Passengers, Driving without Uniform, Exhausted excessive smoke, Used Air-horn, Gave a lift to strangers, Vehicle Numbers not painted inside vehicle, Driven disobeying Traffic Signals, Other Type (Not included above). There is no need of visiting the office of Traffic Department for registering Complaint. In West Bengal Complaint can be registered online for  all Police Stations by following few steps. The steps to search register Complaint online with West Bengal Traffic Police are explained here:




Steps to Register Complaint online with West Bengal Traffic Police

Step 1: Visit the Website of West Bengal Traffic Police Complaints

The following page will open


West Bengal Traffic Police file Complaint online

West Bengal Traffic Police Complaint online Submission


Step 2: Fill information in the Form

Offences : Tick on type of offence

Complaint in Gist : Type your Complaint

Place : Type the Place of Incident

Type of Vehicle : Enter Type of Vehicle

Vehicle No : Type the Vehicle Number

Name : Type your Name

Telephone No : Type your Telephone Number

Email : Enter your Email ID

Address : Type your Address


Step 3 : Enter Verification Code showing on the Screen

Step 4 : Click on Submit

Now your Complaint is registered with West Bengal Traffic Police. You will get acknowledgement to your contact number and mail. You can use to to check status of complaint and for future reference.


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