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Filing cases online with District Court and High Court.

How to do efiling of cases with Trial Courts, District Courts, Taluka Courts and High Courts.

This is a guide for filing cases online with High Court, District Court and Taluka courts through efiling website. You can file cases, criminal Complaints, Petitions, Applications etc online through the  website of ecourt by sitting in your chamber. Before starting efmilng, you should be registered as Advocate or Party in Person with If you are not registered with eportal you can register now by following instructions given in the below link:

User Registration for District, High Court as Advocate or Party in Person




Steps for e-filing Case with High Courts and District Courts

Step 1: Visit the Efiling Website of ecourts

The following menu will open

Registering with ecourt for online filing


Step 2: Select Your State

The following Menu will appear

ecourt login menu


Type User Name

Type Password


Type CAPTCHA code in the Box

Step 3: Click on LOGIN

Now the following Dashboard will open

Efiling menu

You can track the e-filed cases under two heads (a) My efiling Status and (b) My efiled Cases

My Efiling Status

Efiling Status


My Efiled Cases

My Efiled Cases


New Case Filing Option

After logon to the website you will see the following menu at the left courner

Ecourt New Case filing online


Step 4 : Click on New Case

Now the following Menu will open for selection of Court

Efiling Court selection

Step 5: Select Court

For High Court

Ecourt online case filing High Court

For filing case in High Court chose High Court option

Chose Civil or Criminal Matter

Whether it is MACT case or not

Whether it is ordinary or Urgent Matter



For Lower Court

Chose the state, District, Court Establishment in addition to above Particulars

Ecourt Form Color Coding indicating Compulsory and optional fields

Ecourt filing color coding


Save the file after completing every step

Step 5: Fill Complainant / Petitioner Form

Ecourt online filing Complainant Information

Step 6: After filling the form Click on SAVE and then NEXT

No an eFiling Number will be generated. Keep it for reference


Step 7: Fill Respondent Form

eCourt online filing Respondent Form


Step 8: Click on SAVE and then NEXT

After adding respondent, you will receive a message that Respondent Added Successfully.

Step 9: Fill it if you want to add Complainant / Petitioner Extra Information

Complainanat Accused Extra information


Step 10: Click on SAVE and then NEXT

Now the following menu will open for extra Party Details

Ecourt filing Extra Party Information

Step 11: Click on SAVE and then NEXT

Now the Case Details Form will open

The Case Details Form, contain the particulars of Cause of Action Details/ Date/ Dispute Place, the claim amount, Any Important Information/ Subject/ Reason, the Prayer, Relief

Efiling Case Details

Hide Party

This option can be used when the party want to hide their information. In case of offenses against women and children, POSCO act matrimonial disputes wherever law mandates the protection of the identity of the Victim or petitioner then this option should be enabled so that the privacy of the petitioner will be protected and the mandate of law can be complied with. Hence the identity of the Hide party option enabled person will not be revealed in the digital screens.




Step 12: Fill Act and Section as per the following Menu

Ecourt case filing Act, Section

Step 13: Signing Methods

There are three options to sign
i. uploaded and later on e signing Using Aadhaar
ii. uploaded using digital signature digital token.
iii. Uploaded and later on e signing using mobile OTP

Efiling Case Signing options

Step 14: Click on SAVE and then NEXT


Step 15: Upload Documents

Ecourt online filing upload document

Attach document upto 50 MB for upload. If you attach any file wrongly, that can be deleted.

Step 16: Click on UPLOAD and then NEXT

Step 17: Pay Court Fees

For making payment of court fee you can make online payment or through Challan payment and upload the challan details.

Ecour case filing pay fee online

Step 18: After making payment Click on NEXT

The Following Menu will open

eCourt case filing online Verification


Step 19: Verify OTP

Type Name of Applicant

Type Mobile Number of Applicant

Enter OTP Received

Click on Verify OTP

Now document everified message will be displayed on the Screen


Step 20: Complete Advocate Identification and Verification

Type the Name of Advocate

Type Mobile Number

Send OTP

Enter and Verify OTP

Now the document everified message and advocate name will be displayed on the Screen


Step 21: Click on NEXT


Step 22: View the Document

After filling up all the details, the filled up form details can be viewed using the "EXPAND ALL" option or click on + to view the details against each category.

Ecourt online filing final submit


Step 23: Click on Final Submit

Now the case is submitted for approval of efiling Admin. You will get efiling number.


Step 23: Generate Acknowledgement

You can also generate acknowledgment for filing by clicking on Pending Acceptance option in the dashboard. From the files in the "Pending Acceptance option", find out case by looking into the e filing no, case details, date and time of submission. and click on the e filing number of the concerned case.

After filing the case you can logout from the website.


Disclaimer: Information given here is to help and guide those who do not have knowledge for efiling cases online with ecourt. We are not responsible for any mistake or error. This is a website to provide free information and we do not charge any amount from any user. Trade marks and copy rights are of respective website owners.


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