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Section 27 - Penalty for instigation, etc : Industrial Disputes Act 1947

What is Penalty for instigation, etc? Section 27 of Industrial Disputes Act 1947



Section 27 of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 : "Penalty for instigation, etc"

27. Any person who instigates or incites others to take part in, or otherwise acts in furtherance of, a strike or lock-out which is illegal under this Act, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.


Section 25FF - Compensation to workmen in case of transfer of undertakings

Section 25FFA - Sixty days' notice to be given of intention to close down any undertaking

Section 25FFF - Compensation to workmen in case of closing down of undertakings

Section 25G - Procedure for retrenchment

Section 25H - Re-employment of retrenched workmen



Section 25I - Recovery of moneys due from employers under this Chapter (omitted)

Section 25J - Effect of-laws Inconsistent with this Chapter

Section 25K - Application of Chapter V-B

Section 25L - Definitions

Section 25M - Prohibition of lay-off

Section 25N - Conditions precedent to retrenchment of workmen

Section 25O - Procedure for closing down an undertaking

Section 25P - Special provision as to restarting of undertakings closed down before commencement of the Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act, 1976

Section 25Q - Penalty for lay-off and retrenchment without previous permission

Section 25R - Penalty for closure



Section 25S - Certain provisions of Chapter V-A to apply to an industrial establishment to which this Chapter applies


Section 25T - Prohibition of unfair labour practice

Section 25U - Penalty for committing unfair labour practices


Section 26 - Penalty for illegal strikes and lock-outs

Section 27 - Penalty for instigation, etc

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