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Section 25G - Procedure for retrenchment : Industrial Disputes Act 1947

What is the Procedure for retrenchment? Section 25G of Industrial Disputes Act 1947



Section 25G of Industrial Disputes Act 1947 : "Procedure for retrenchment"

25G. Where any workman in an industrial establishment, who is a citizen of India, is to be retrenched and he belongs to a particular category of workmen in that establishment, in the absence of any agreement between the employer and the workman in this behalf, the employer shall ordinarily retrench the workman who was the last person to be employed in that category, unless for reasons to be recorded the employer retrenches any other workman.


Section 25FF - Compensation to workmen in case of transfer of undertakings

Section 25FFA - Sixty days' notice to be given of intention to close down any undertaking

Section 25FFF - Compensation to workmen in case of closing down of undertakings

Section 25G - Procedure for retrenchment

Section 25H - Re-employment of retrenched workmen



Section 25I - Recovery of moneys due from employers under this Chapter (omitted)

Section 25J - Effect of-laws Inconsistent with this Chapter

Section 25K - Application of Chapter V-B

Section 25L - Definitions

Section 25M - Prohibition of lay-off

Section 25N - Conditions precedent to retrenchment of workmen

Section 25O - Procedure for closing down an undertaking

Section 25P - Special provision as to restarting of undertakings closed down before commencement of the Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act, 1976

Section 25Q - Penalty for lay-off and retrenchment without previous permission

Section 25R - Penalty for closure



Section 25S - Certain provisions of Chapter V-A to apply to an industrial establishment to which this Chapter applies


Section 25T - Prohibition of unfair labour practice

Section 25U - Penalty for committing unfair labour practices


Section 26 - Penalty for illegal strikes and lock-outs

Section 27 - Penalty for instigation, etc

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