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Order XLIX - Costs : Supreme Court Rules 2013

What are Costs? Order XLIX of Supreme Court Rules 2013


Order XLIX of Supreme Court Rules 2013 : "Costs"

1. Subject to the provisions of any Statute or of these rules, the costs of and incidental to all proceedings, shall be in the discretion of the Court. Unless the Court otherwise orders an intervener shall not be entitled to costs.



2. Where it appears that the hearing of any suit or matter cannot conveniently proceed by reason of the advocate on record of any party having neglected to attend personally or by some proper person on his behalf, or having omitted to deliver any paper necessary for the use of the Court which are in his possession and which according to the practice ought to have been delivered, the advocate on record shall personally pay to all or any of the parties such costs as the Court may think fit to award.

3. Where in any proceeding, costs are awarded to any party, the Court may direct the payment of a sum in gross in lieu of taxed costs and may further direct by and to whom the said sum shall be paid.

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