Law Questions and Answers. Legal issues and solutions as per acts and law

SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
1 Fait accompli means Established fact
2 Who was the ancient law giver of India? Yagnavalkya
3 Generally how is a High Court Judge addressed in his court? My Lord
4 Is ignorance of law excusable? No
5 What is Ilbert Act? To suppress seditious matter
6 What is meant by holiday declared under Negotiable Instruments Act? Bank holiday declared under the Act
7 Who wrote "A Judge Miscellany"? Justice M. Hidayatullah
8 What is the symbol to represent justice? Balanced scale held by a person with covered eyes
9 Which case went upto the Supreme Court concerning Lord Ganesh? E.V. Rainaswamy Naicker case
10 What is the other name for Sarada Act? Child Marriage Restraint Act



SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
11 Who tried Mahatma Gandhi's Assassination Case? Justice Grover
12 When was the Supreme Court of India first inaugurated? 28th January, 1950
13 Which is the highest judicial authority in India whose decisions are binding on all courts? Supreme Court
14 Who appoints the judges of the Supreme Court? President
15 Who is appointed as the Chief Justice of India? The senior-most judge of the Supreme Court is appointed as the Chief Justice of India
16 Where is the declared seat of the Supreme Court situated? Delhi
17 What does the term 'judicial review' mean? it is the authority vested in the hands of Supreme Court to examine whether some legislative enactments or executive orders of both Central and State governments is following the Constitution of India or not
18 The strength of the High Court depends upon Fixed by the President depending upon the workload
19 Who appoints the judges of the High Court? President
20 What is the meaning of the term "Appellate" jurisdiction? Appellate jurisdiction means hearing appeals against the judgments of lower courts


SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
21 Which Articles in the Constitution provide regulations for the subordinate courts? Articles 233 to 237
22 The Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court decides on cases that are punishable up to: 7 years
23 The judicial magistrate court decides on cases that are punishable up to: 3 years
24 Which state has the maximum district courts in India? Uttar Pradesh
25 According to Indian Constitution Treaty making power is conferred upon The President of India but subject to ratification by the Parliament
26 The Vice President of India is Elected The Vice President is elected indirectly by members of an electoral college consisting of the members of both Houses of Parliament in accordance with the system of Proportional Representation by means of the Single transferable vote and the voting is by secret ballot conducted by election commission
27 What is adjournment sine die adjournment without a day
28 What is animus contrahendi contractual intent
29 What is the meaning of Caveat May he beware
30 What is Caveat emptor Let the buyer beware


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