Common terms using in Law and General Knowledge of Legal quotes and words

SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
1 Murder is punishable with 14 years imprisonment
2 How long can a suspect be kept in the police station? Only for 24 hrs
3 The famous Section 144 comes under Criminal Procedure Code
4 What do you mean by Kidnapping? Taking away a person by illegal force
5 Which was the first country to have a written Constitution? USA
6 The offence of bribe can be committed by a A public servant discharging official duties
7 'Dowry Prohibition Act' is a Social Legislation
8 What is the 'Official Name' of a Magistrate in a city? Metropolitan Magistrate
9 Who wrote 'Law Versus Justice'? V.R. Krishna Lyer
10 A 'Will' gets life as soon as the author of the will dies



SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
11 What is meant by 'unliquidated damage'? Unfixed damages
12 What is called 'uxoricide'? Husband killing his wife
13 What do you mean by 'Restitution of Conjugal Rights? One party in a case is directed to go to another party's house
14 What is a mortgage? Placing an immovable property to get money on it
15 What is the position of the Jury system in India? Abolished
16 Anticipatory Bail petition Can be moved before the Supreme Court
17 Who wrote 'The Rights of Man'? Thomas Paine
18 What is the nature of a Hindu Marriage today? Partly contract and partly sacrament
19 Who drafted Indian Penal Code? Macaulay
20 Which country in the world first appointed a woman judge? Turkey


SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
21 What do you mean by 'pass over' the case? Case that was taken out but agreed to be heard later the same day
22 Who wrote 'Judicial Appointment'? Mohan Kumarainangalam
23 Which court can set aside the election of an M.L.A.? Supreme Court
24 When is Legal Services observed? 9th November
25 Where was the Privy Council? England
26 Which document can be probated? Will
27 A Hindu male died leaving his father, mother and wife. His property devolves upon All the three
28 If a person gives shelter to an absconder from law, what is the offence committed by him? Harbour
29 Who cannot will away all his properties? Muslim
30 What is Escheat? Property goes to Government if nobody is the owner of it


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