Law General Knowledge for faculties, students, professionals and litigants

SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
1 When was the Nuremburg Trial' conducted? As soon as the World War H was over
2 What is the object of Land Acquisition Act? State can usurp a private land or building for a public purpose
3 Can a civil lawyer practice as a criminal lawyer? Yes
4 Which country in the world prevents a person to change his religion? Nepal
5 Which Union territory has its own High Court? Delhi
6 What is the Supreme Law of India? Constitutional law
7 What is `Exparte Order'? One-sided order
8 What is the object of urban land ceiling act? Land should not be concentrated in the hands of a few persons
9 Can a 'Bankrupt' stand for election? No
10 Is Suyamariyathai Marriage valid? Yes. After section 7 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (Central Act 25 of 1955), the following section shall be inserted, namely:-

"7-A. Special provision regarding suyamariyathai and seerthiruththa marriages.- (1) This section shall apply to any marriage between any two Hindus, whether called suyamariyathai marriage or seerthiruththa marriage or by any other name, solemnized in the presence of relatives, friends or other persons-

(a) by each party to the marriage declaring in any language understood by the parties that each takes the other to be his wife or, as the case may be, her husband; or

(b) by each party to the marriage garlanding the other or putting a ring upon any finger of the other; or

(c) by the tying of the thali.



SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
11 What do you mean by Prize Court? Maritime matters alone are decided
12 Today 'Abortion Law' is Relaxed
13 Can the Court amend an Act? No
14 What do you mean by sub judice'? Case is pending in a court
15 What is 'Rule of Law'? Everyone is subject to law
16 What is muta-marriage? Temporary marriage
17 Which was the last case in India to be heard under the jury system? Nanavathis case
18 What do you mean by 'Preventive Detention'? Arrest of political persons in apprehension of breach of peace
19 What denotes Sec.75 of City Police Act? Quarrelling in a public street
20 What is sedition? Inducing people to overthrow the government


SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
21 Who is a Mutawalli? To be in charge of administering Wakf property
22 The administrative functions of a High Court are in the hands of Registrar
23 Which is essential to become a supreme court judge? A practicing lawyer for 16 years
24 The 'Legal Education' is controlled by Bar Council of India
25 What is the age limit of the Supreme Court Judge for retirement? 65
26 What is genocide? Killing an entire race
27 Lawyer's work is a Profession
28 When should a document be registered? Within 4 months of its execution
29 When can the Divorce Petition be filed? 1 year after the marriage
30 What do you mean by Cognizable Offence? Bailable offence


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