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SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
1 In whose period courts were established in India? Warren Hastings
2 What is Embargo? It is a ban on goods to be exported to a foreign country
3 Who has the right to remove a sessions judge from service? High Court
4 Who is a 'Notary Public'? An official having authority to certify deeds
5 Who is a Pawn Broker? Licensed money lender
6 What is the important right of an accused in a trial? The accused should be allowed to have a lawyer for himself
7  'Advisory Jurisdiction' is exercised by Supreme Court
8 When was the Life Insurance Act passed? 1956
9 A fire insurance contract is A contract of indemnity
10 What is the purpose of a Commission of Enquiry? to enquire into a matter of public importance



SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
11 Who drafted a Will for the first time, in the world? Roger, King of Sicily
12 Who wrote 'Judicial Review of Confrontation'? Justice H.R. Khanna
13 Under which act can a person be prosecuted if he is found to be drunk in a city? Madras Prohibition Offenders Act
14 A person cannot make Two sales
15 Who appoints a magistrate? High Court
16 When was the 'Prevention of Damages to Property Act' passed? 1984
17 Who was the person to speak against the Muslim Woman (Protection of Rights on divorce) Bill in the Lok Sabha but voted for it? Arif Mohd. Khan
18 When was the 'National Security Act" passed? 1980
19 Consent is a good defence in the case of Theft
20 If a man is denied freedom of movement, it means denial of Civil liberty


SNo Legal Term/Question Answer
21 Who was the first woman chief justice of the Chennai High Court? Kantamani Bhatnagar
22 Dower (Mahr) is a well known branch of which law? Mohammedan Law
23 Whose appointment as a High Court judge was quashed by the Supreme Court in the legal history? Justice Ramaswamy
24 What do you mean by the term 'Lockout'? When the factory is closed by the employer to force the workers to accept the imposed terms
25 Who is the prime accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case? V. Prabhakaran
26 Which form of the Government has 'Division of Powers' and 'Independent Judiciary' as the important characteristics? Federal form of Government
27 What is meant by 'Conscription'? Compulsorily enlisting citizens for the service of the state
28 A jurist can become Supreme Court judge
29 A High Court has no advisory jurisdiction. Is the statement correct? Yes
30 Where can a High Court Judge practice on retirement? In any other High Court


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