Section 190 - When agent cannot delegate, Section 191 - Sub-agent defined : Indian Contract Act 1872

When agent cannot delegate? What is Definition of Sub-agent? Section 190 and 191 of Indian Contract Act 1872

Section 190 of Indian Contract Act 1872 : "When agent cannot delegate"

190. An agent cannot lawfully employ another to perform acts which he has expressly or impliedly undertaken to perform personally, unless by the ordinary custom of trade a sub-agent may, or, from the nature of the agency, a sub-agent must, be employed.

Section 191 of Indian Contract Act 1872 : "Sub-agent defined"

191. A "sub-agent" is a person employed by, and acting under the control of, the original agent in the business of the agency.




Section 186 - Agent's authority may be express or implied

Section 187 - Definitions of express and implied authority

Section 188 - Extent of agent's authority

Section 189 - Agent's authority in an emergency

Section 190 - When agent cannot delegate




Section 191 - Sub-agent defined

Section 192 - Representation of principal by sub-agent properly appointed

Section 193 - Agent's responsibility for sub-agent appointed without authority

Section 194 - Relation between principal and person duly appointed by agent to act in business of agency

Section 195 - Agent's duty in naming such person




Section 196 - Right of person as to acts done for him without his authority

Section 197 - Effect of ratification Ratification may be expressed or implied

Section 198 - Knowledge requisite for valid ratification

Section 199 - Effect of ratifying unauthorized act forming part of a transaction

Section 200 - Ratification of unauthorized act cannot injure third person



Revocation of Authority

Section 201 - Termination of agency

Section 202 - Termination of agency, where agent has an interest in subject-matter

Section 203 - When principal may revoke agent's authority

Section 204 - Revocation where authority has been partly exercised

Section 205 - Compensation for revocation by principal, or renunciation by agent

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