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Order XIII - Copying : Supreme Court Rules 2013

How to get Certificate copies? What is the procedure for Copying? Order XIII of Supreme Court Rules 2013


Order XIII of Supreme Court Rules 2013 : "Copying"

1. A party to a proceeding in the Supreme Court shall be entitled to apply for and receive certified copies of all pleadings, judgments, decrees or orders, documents and deposition of witnesses made or exhibited in the
said proceeding.



2. The Court on the application of a person who is not a party to the case, appeal or matter, pending or disposed of, may on good cause shown, allow such person to receive such copies as is or are mentioned in the last preceding rule.

3. Application for "certified copy" or unauthenticated "copy" may be presented in the prescribed form [Form No. 29] by an advocate-on-record or party in person or may be sent by post to the Registrar, Copying Section, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, along with the requisite copying fee for urgent/ordinary delivery.

4. On every copy after it is prepared, the following shall be entered :-

(a) application filed on :-

(b) the date given to receive copy:-

(c) date on which copy is made ready:-

(d) the date on which the copy is received by the applicant or sent to the applicant.

5. Every certified copy issued by this Court shall be certified by the Assistant Registrar/Branch Officer or such other officer as may be authorised in that behalf by the Registrar, to be true copy of the original and shall be sealed with the seal of the Supreme Court, in accordance with Rule 6 of Order III of the Rules.

6. (J) No certified copy shall be given of any registered document or of a document which is itself a 'copy' of the original document. However, if such a document is a copy annexed with any  petition/appeal /application/ reply or any other pleading presented in Supreme Court then a 'copy' may be issued.

(2) Any "copy" other than "certified copy" shall bear an endorsement that "it is not a certified copy".

7. Notwithstanding anything contained in this order, no party or person shall be entitled as of right to receive copies of or extracts from any minutes, letter or document of any confidential nature or any paper sent, filed or produced, which the Chief Justice or the Court directs to keep in sealed cover or considers to be of confidential nature or the publication of which is considered to be not in the interest of the public, except under and in accordance with an order specially made by the Chief Justice or by the Court.

8. The functioning of the Copying Branch shall be regulated as per the guidelines and directions issued by the Chief Justice from time to time.


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