I live in Delhi and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010. The first medicine I used was Gemer 1. With regular exercise and Gemer 1,  my diabetes was under control. At that time I noticed one online advertisement related to Ayurvedic Medicine for diabetes by Dr. Karthikeyan of Tamil Nadu claiming to cure Diabetes. I have purchased the medicine and used it for 3 months as per his instruction.



1. My first Aurvedic Medicine for Diabetes - by Dr. Karthikeyan and Side effect of Ayurvedic Medicine

After using the Ayurvedic medicine, it was found that my diabetes was not under control, instead my nerves become weak, I was under constant gastro attack and side effect appeared on skin. I contacted Dr. Karthikeyan and he changed some combinations of medicine. But it also did not have any effect. Dr. Karthikeyan charged huge amount from me in the name of Ayurvedic Medicine. He is using the name of Ayurveda to cheat people.

Here the first Ayurvedic medicine failed.

I again contacted my Allopathic Doctor and he prescribed me Gemer 2 two times a day. With the use of this medicine and regular exercise, my blood sugar become normal.


2. My Second Aurvedic Medicine for Diabetes from Kerala Ayurvedic Shop.

Few months later I visited Kerala and noticed a board that Ayurvedic medicine is available to cure diabetes. I have purchased the complete pack of medicine from that Ayurvedic Medical shop.

When I was in Kerala, this medicine was effectively controlling my diabetes. It may be because of the un adultered food food available there in Kerala.

After returning back to Delhi my diabetes become abnormal again. I have also experienced side effects like itching, skin allergy, physical weakness etc.

Here the Second Ayurvedic medicine also failed here. For this medicine also they have charged huge amount.


3. The Third Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes - powder of Patanjali.

I have used the diabetes powder being sold by Patanjali. This medicine also did not control my diabetes and. All the side effects I experienced by using other Ayurvedic Medicines were experienced this time also.


4. The Fourth Ayurvedic Medicine sold through Medical Shop

The fourth Ayurvedic Medicine I used was the medicine given from a Medical shop claiming that it can control diabetes. This company was also giving wide advertisements. This medicine was also not useful. They have also charged huge amount for the medicine.


5. My Fifth Ayurvedice Medicine for Diabetes - Browse to read. BGR 34 Diabetes Medicine - User review, side effects, Result from use and recommendations


6. My Fifth Ayurvedice Medicine for Diabetes - Browse to read. IME 9 Diabetes Medicine - User review, side effects, Result from use and recommendations


7. Other Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes I used and its effects

I have used many other indigenous / Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes. No medicine controlled my diabetes like Allopathic Medicine. Instead all of them had side effects.


My Experience with Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes

In my experience people are using Ayurveda as a source to earn huge money in short term by claiming imaginary benefits. They are spending big amount for advertisements in Televisions, Social Media,  News papers and any other source which they can use. None of the Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes I used was effective and all were with side effects. My advice is :

- The claim of most of the companies for curing Diabetes are wrong and baseless.

- The companies are charging huge amount for Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes and making profit.

- All the Ayurvedic Medicines I used had side effects


My Recommendation

No Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes worked for me. It may be useful for some people. But we cannot believe advertisements blankly. To check the medicine, buy a small pack and use. If it is working for you it is good. Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes are costlier than allopathic medicine. Some times they charge exorbitant amount.

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