BGR 34 review by diabetes patient who used it. Effect of BGR 34 with allopathic medicine. Control of Blood sugar level after use of BGR 34. Side effects of BGR-34. Whether BGR-34 is useful to control type 2 Diabetes. 

I have used the ayurvedic medicine BGR 34 for diabetes, as per the instructions. Initially I have used it without allopathic medicine. The Result was not satisfactory. There was some serious side effect also from using BGR-34. After that I used BGR-34 along with allopathic medicine and it reduced blood sugar level substantially.



Blood Sugar Level after using the medicine without allopathic medicine

Particulars                         Blood Glucose Level (Fasting)

Before taking medicine     135

After 3rd Week               156

Last  Week                    167

The result shows that use of BGR 34 (without regular medicine) actually increased my blood glucose level.


Blood sugar level after using the medicine with allopathic medicine

Particulars                         Blood Glucose Level (Fasting)

Before taking medicine     202

After 2nd Week               158

Last Week                      124


Side effects experienced after using BGR 34 for diabetes control

I have experienced the following serious side effects


1. Skin Allergy and Itch

From first week onwards itching and other symptoms of skin allergy were visible. Since the company claims that the product do not have any side effect, I have waited to finish the entire medicine. When I have Completed 100 tablets small wounds appeared were appeared on both the legs.


2. Dry Skin

After using BGR 34 my skin become totally dry and I had to use moisturizers regularly. It took few months to become normal.


3. Physical Weakness

While using BGR 34 I was extremely tired and was feeling sleepy all time.


Result of my 1st experiment after use of BGR 34 without Allopathic Medicine

Because of the advertisements of the company claiming that BGR 34 along can cure Diabetes, I have committed a mistake by avoiding my regular medicine to use BGR-34. It was a big blunder. Before using BGR 34 my blood sugar level was below 135 (fasting). After using 1 bottle of BGR 34 my blood sugar lever increased to 167.


Result of my 2nd experiment after use of BGR 34 with Allopathic Medicine

But, when I used the medicine along with allopathic medicine, blood sugar level reduced substantially. But side effects as explained above were visible.


My Recommendation

BGR 34 may reduce blood sugar level when it uses along with allopathic medicine. But it may have side effect on some people. Before following advertisements blankly, read other genuine reviews also. If your allopathic medicine controls your diabetes, usage of BGR 34 will be an additional expense.

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