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Employees Provident Fund Registration online

EPF Registration Eligibility, Benefits, Contribution Percentage, Salary Limit, Procedures and Statutory Compliances.


What is Employees Provident Fund?

Employee's Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit scheme that's available to all salaried employees. This fund is maintained and overseen by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO) and any company with over 20 employees is required by law to register with the EPFO. The primary purpose of PF fund is to help employees save a fraction of their salary every month so that he can use the same in an event that the employee is temporarily or no longer fit to work or at retirement. Employers and employees both contribute @12% of wages in contribution accounts. The contributions get accumulated in the provident fund in the name of the employee. The contribution of the employer is 12% of the basic wage plus dearness allowance or DA. While contributing towards EPF is mandatory for those earning basic wages of up to Rs 15,000. Those earning basic wages more than 15000 per month, EPF contribution is not mandatory.  


Eligibility Criteria for Employer to Register with EPF

- Factories, 20 or more employees during any time of the year engaged in any industry

- Other establishment employing 20 or more employees during any time last year

- Any Establishment requires compulsory registration irrespective of their employees when the Central Government, after giving two month's notice to the particular establishment. Such establishments shall get themselves registered immediately upon the receipt of the notice.

- For any employee who is earning less than INR 15000/- per month

Step to Register with EPF department as employer

1. Get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for Employer

2. Go to Establishment Registration option in the EPFO Portal

3. Read instruction before starting registration process

4. Fill data and Generate Universal Account Number (UAL)

5. Click on Register button and fill employer details

6. Fill Name, Employer PAN, User Name, Mobile No.

7. Enter Mobile PIN and activate email link for Registration online


Documents required for EPF Registration

- PAN card

- Address Proof

- ID proof

- GST registration certificate

- Sale bill and purchase bill

- Salary and PF account details

- Banking Details

- Cross cancelled Cheque

- Copy of partnership deed when it is a registered partnership firm

- A copy of the Certificate of incorporation when it is a Public or Pvt Ltd Company

- A copy of their registration certificate in case of society

- A copy of MOA and AOA

- A copy of the rules and objects of the society

- Legal documents required under the Income Tax Act


Format of Provident Fund Number

Universal Account Number (UAN) is of 12 digit. Employees can use this number throughout the service period independently, even in case of change of job.


EPF Contribution Rate

Establishment with more than 20 Employees

12% Employees contribution and 12% Employer Contribution of Basic salary + DA


Establishment with Less than 20 Employees

10% of Basic Salary + DA in the following establishments

- Any establishment having less than 20 employees are employed

- Any sick industrial company as declared by the BIFR

- Any establishment with accumulated losses equal to or exceeding its entire net worth

- Any establishment in the following industries:-

  (a) Jute (b) Beedi (c) Brick (d) Coir and (e) Guar gum Factories


Benefits of Employees Provident Fund

- EPF contribution is tax exempted for employees and employer

- Company with the government has its shares also contributes to the EPF funds.

- EPF gets mature at the time of retirement age of 58 years.

- Withdrawal of EPF can be done after two months from the termination or resignation.

- EPF has interest on investment and it generates return from investment

- Loan facility is available to employee up to 50% of the amount deposited in the account for marriage and education after completing seven years of service whereas he can get up to 90% of the deposited amount for the home loan after the ten years of the service.


Other Points

The following are not counted for EPF Coverage:

1. A proprietor or a partner

2. A contractor lending the services of his employee

3. An apprentice engaged under the Apprentice Act, 1961

4. Contract professional service, legal, technical and tax consultants


More than 12% Voluntary Contribution

More than 12% contribution can be made for Provident fund voluntarily, which is called voluntary contribution.


Minimum Employees for Registration

Any organisation which has a minimum of 20 employees needs to be registered with the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act.


New Provident Fund Rule

The 100% EPF withdrawal was allowed after 2 months of unemployment. According to the new rule, EPFO allows withdrawal of 75% of the EPF account after 1 month of unemployment. The remaining 25% can be transferred to a new EPF account after gaining new employment.


When can the full amount of PF be withdrawn

The EPF member holders can withdraw full PF amount after attaining the age of retirement or on the termination of the service.


KYC is mandatory

It is necessary to update KYC details online. By linking aadhar card with UAN, you are allowed to submit a PF withdrawal claim online without an attestation of the employer.

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