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ACT NO. 10 OF 1955

[1st April, 1955.]

An Act to provide, in the interest of the general public, for the control of the production, supply and distribution of, and trade and commerce, in certain commodities.

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Sixth Year of the Republic of India as follows:

Section 1 Short Title and Extent, Section 2 Definitions, Section 2A Essential Commodities Declaration etc

Section 3 Powers to control production, supply, distribution, etc., of essential commodities

Section 4 Imposition of duties on State Governments, etc

Section 5 Delegation of powers

Section 6 Effect of orders inconsistent with other enactments.

Section 6A Confiscation of essential commodity

Section 6B Issue of show cause notice before confiscation of food grains, etc

Section 6C Appeal

Section 6D Award of confiscation not to interfere with other punishments

Section 6E Bar of jurisdiction in certain cases


Section 7 Penalties

Section 7A Power of Central Government to recover certain amounts as arrears of land revenue

Section 8 Attempts and abetment

Section 9 False Statement

Section 10 Offences by Companies

Section 10A Offences to be cognizable

Section 10B Power of court to publish name, place of business, etc., of companies convicted under the Act

Section 10C Presumption of culpable mental state

Section 11 Cognizance of offences

Section 12 Special provision regarding fine

Section 12 A Power to try summarily

Section 12B rant of injunction, etc., by civil courts

Section 13 Presumption as to orders

Section 14 Burden of proof in certain cases

Section 15 Protection of action taken under Act

Section 15A Prosecution of public servant, Section 16 Repeals and savings

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