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The Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005

Section 2 Definitions

Section 3 Definition of domestic violence

Section 4 Information to Protection Officer and exclusion of liability of informant


Section 5 Duties of police officers, service providers and Magistrate

Section 6 Duties of shelter homes

Section 7 Duties of medical facilities

Section 8 Appointment of Protection Officers

Section 9 Duties and functions of Protection Officers

Section 10 Service providers

Section 11 Duties of Government

Section 12 Application to Magistrate

Section 13 Service of notice

Section 14 Counseling

Section 15 Assistance of welfare expert

Section 16 Proceedings to be held in camera

Section 17 Right to reside in a shared household

Section 18 Protection orders

Section 19 Residence orders

Section 20 Monetary relief

Section 21 Custody orders

Section 22 Compensation orders

Section 23 Power to grant interim and ex parte orders

Section 24 Court to give copies of order free of cost

Section 25 Duration and alteration of orders

Section 26 Relief in other suits and legal proceedings

Section 27 Jurisdiction

Section 28 Procedure

Section 29 Appeal

Section 30 Protection Officers and members of service providers to be public servants

Section 31 Penalty for breach of protection order by respondent

Section 32 Cognizance and proof

Section 33 Penalty for not discharging duty by Protection Officer

Section 34 Cognizance of offence committed by Protection Officer

Section 35 Protection of action taken in good faith

Section 36 Act not in derogation of any other law

Section 37 Power of Central Government to make rules

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