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Section 68 of Delhi Value Added Tax Act 2004 - Delegation of Commissioner's powers

What is Delegation of Commissioner's powers Section 67 of DVAT Act 2004


Section 68 : Delegation of Commissioner's powers - Delhi Value Added Tax Act 2004

Rules 48, 50, 65 Forms 50

(1) Subject to such restrictions and conditions as may be prescribed, the Commissioner may delegate any of his powers under this Act to any Value Added Tax authorities.


(2) Where the Commissioner delegates his powers under Chapter X, the delegate shall carry and produce on demand evidence in the prescribed form of the delegation of these powers when exercising the powers.

(3) Where the Commissioner has delegated a power to a Value Added Tax
Authority, the Commissioner may supervise, review and rectify any decision made or action taken by that Authority.

Explanation.- The exercise of this power of supervision, review or rectification will not lead to the issue of an assessment or re-assessment after the expiry of the time referred to in section 34 of this Act.

(4) Notwithstanding any law or doctrine to the contrary, the power delegated by the Commissioner to a person to determine an objection under section 74 of this Act may be exercised by that person, even though the person determining the objection is equal in rank to the person whose decision is under objection.

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