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Section 6 of The Commercial Courts Act 2015: Jurisdiction of Commercial Court

The Commercial Court shall have jurisdiction to try all suits and applications relating to a commercial dispute of a Specified Value arising out of the entire territory of the State over which it has been vested territorial jurisdiction.

Explanation.- For the purposes of this section, a commercial dispute shall be considered to arise out of the entire territory of the State over which a Commercial Court has been vested jurisdiction, if the suit or application relating to such commercial dispute has been instituted as per the provisions of sections 16 to 20 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908).

Commercial Courts Act 2015

Section 2 Definitions

Section 3 Constitution of Commercial Courts

Section 3A Designation of Commercial Appellate Courts

Section 4 Constitution of Commercial Division of High Court

Section 5 Constitution of Commercial Appellate Division

Section 6 Jurisdiction of Commercial Court

Section 7 Jurisdiction of Commercial Divisions of High Courts

Section 8 Bar against revision application or petition against an interlocutory order

Section 10 Jurisdiction in respect of arbitration matters

Section 11 Bar of jurisdiction of Commercial Courts and Commercial Divisions

Section 12 Determination of Specified Value

Section 12A Pre-Institution Mediation and Settlement

Section 13 Appeals from decrees of Commercial Courts and Commercial Divisions

Section 14 Expeditious disposal of appeals

Section 15 Transfer of pending cases

Section 16 Amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 in its application to commercial disputes

Section 17 Collection and disclosure of data by Commercial Courts, Commercial Appellate Courts, Commercial Divisions and Commercial Appellate Divisions

Section 18 Power of High Court to issue directions

Section 19 Infrastructure facilities

Section 20 Training and continuous education

Section 21 Act to have overriding effect

Section 21A Power of Central Government to make rules

Section 22 Power to remove difficulties

Section 23 Repeal and savings

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