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Section 14 of Code on Wages 2019 : Wages for overtime work

14. Where an employee whose minimum rate of wages has been fixed under this Code by the hour, by the day or by such a longer wage-period as may be prescribed, works on any day in excess of the number of hours constituting a normal working day, the employer shall pay him for every hour or for part of an hour so worked in excess, at the overtime rate which shall not be less than twice the normal rate of wages.



Section 15 of Code on Wages 2019 : Mode of payment of wages

15. All wages shall be paid in current coin or currency notes or by cheque or by crediting the wages in the bank account of the employee or by the electronic mode:



Provided that the appropriate Government may, by notification, specify the industrial or other establishment, the employer of which shall pay to every person employed in such industrial or other establishment, the wages only by cheque or by crediting the wages in his bank account.   

The Code on Wages 2019

Section 14 Wages for overtime work Section 15 Mode of payment of wages

Section 16 Fixation of Wage Period, Section 17 Time Limit for payment of wage

Section 18 Deductions which may be made from wages

Section 19 Fines

Section 20 Deductions for absence from duty

Section 21 Deductions for damage or loss Section 22 Deduction for services rendered

Section 23 Deductions for recovery of advances, Section 24 Deduction for recovery of loans, 25 not applicable to government

Section 26 Eligibility for bonus, etc

Section 27 Proportionate reduction in bonus in certain cases Section 28 Computation of number of working days

Section 29 Disqualification for bonus Section 30 Establishments to include departments, undertakings and branches

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