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Section 34 of Advocates Act 1961 - Power of High Courts to make rules

What is the Power of High Courts to make rules? Section 34 of Advocates Act, 1961


Section 34 : Power of High Courts to make rules

(1) The High Court may make rules laying down the conditions subject to which an advocate shall be permitted to practice in the High Court and the courts subordinate thereto.

(1A) The High Court shall make rules for fixing and regulating by taxation or otherwise the fees payable as costs by any party in respect of the fees of his adversary's advocate upon all proceedings in the High Court or in any Court subordinate thereto.

2. Without prejudice to the provisions contained in sub section (1), the High Court at Calcutta may make rules providing for the holding of the Intermediate and the Final examinations for articles clerks to be passed by the person referred to in section 58AG for the purpose of being admitted as advocates on the State roll and any other matter connected therewith.

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