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Section 18 of Advocates Act 1961 - Transfer of name from one State roll to another

What is the procedure for Transfer of name from one State roll to another? Section 18 of Advocates Act, 1961


Section 18 : Transfer of name from one State roll to another

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in section, 17 any person whose name is entered as an advocate on the roll of any State Bar Council may make an application in the prescribed form to the Bar Council of India for the transfer of his name from the roll of that State Bar Council to the roll of any other State Bar Council and, on receipt of any such application the Bar Council of India shall direct that name of such person shall without the payment of any fee, be removed from the roll of the first mentioned State Bar Council and entered in the roll of the other State Bar Council and the State Bar Councils concerned shall comply with such direction.

(Note:- Added by Act 21 of 1964, sec.10) Provided that where any such application for transfer is made by a person, against whom any disciplinary proceedings is pending or where for any other reason if appears to the Bar Council of India that the application for transfer has not been made bona fide and that the transfer should not be made, the Bar Council of India may, after giving the person making the application an opportunity of making a representation in this behalf, reject the application.


(2) For the removal of doubts it is hereby declared that where on an application made by an advocate under sub section (1) his name is transferred from the roll of one State Bar Council to that of another, he shall retain the same seniority in the latter roll to which he was entitled in the former roll.

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