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One MLA One Pension Scheme. Punjab Government passed law to stop multiple pension to MLAs.

Punjab Government put limit on pension to be given to MLAs and restricted abolished multiple pension system.

The Government of Punjab on 11th August 2022 issued Notification NO. 17-leg./2022 after receiving ascent from the Governor of Punjab on 4th August 2022 for The Punjab State Legislature Members (Pension and Medical Facilities Regulation) Amendment Act 2022 which is made to restrict the multiple Pension being received by the MLAs.  The Act put an end to the multiple pension being received by MLAs for their different tenure as MLA and it will save crores of rupees of the Government. The Punjab Assembly had passed the Punjab State Legislature Members (Pension and Medical Facilities Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2022 on June 30.

Chief minister (CM) Bhagwant Mann in a tweet said, "I am very happy to inform Punjabis that the governor has given his assent to the One MLA-One Pension Bill."




The notification implementing 'One MLA, One Pension' in Punjab will revolutionise and reform the country's political system, Mann said.

Amendment made to Section 3 of the Punjab Act 5 of 1977 is as under:

Amendment to Section 3 of Punjab Act 5 of 1977

"(1) There shall be paid to every person, who remained as a member, a pension of sixty thousand rupees per mensem plus Dearness Allowance thereon (as admissible to the Punjab Government pensioners), irrespective of the number of terms he had served as a member and irrespective of the tenures of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, in which he had served as a member:

Provided that when a person, who had served as a member, attains the age of sixty-five years, seventy-five years, and eighty years, he shall, respectively be entitled to an increase of five percent, ten percent and fifteen percent of the basic pension, admissible to him, at the attainment of such age".


Copy of the Notification NO. 17-leg./2022 dated 11.08.2022 published by Punjab Government    

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