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Section 39 of Pocso Act 2012 - Guidelines for child to take assistance of experts, etc


Section 39 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 : Guidelines for child to take assistance of experts, etc

Subject to such rules as may be made in this behalf, the State Government shall prepare guidelines for use of non-governmental organisations, professionals and experts or persons having knowledge of psychology, social work, physical health, mental health and child development to be associated with the pre-trial and trial stage to assist the child. 



Pocso Act 2012

Section 27 Medical examination of a child

Section 28 Designation of Special Courts

Section 29 Presumption as to certain offences

Section 30 Presumption of culpable mental state

Section 31 Application of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 to proceedings before a Special Court

Section 32 Special Public Prosecutors

Section 33 Procedure and powers of Special Court

Section 34 Procedure in case of commission of offence by child and determination of age by Special Court

Section 35 Period for recording of evidence of child and disposal of case

Section 36 Child not to see accused at the time of testifying

Section 37 Trials to be conducted in camera

Section 38 Assistance of an interpreter or expert while recording evidence of child

Section 39 Guidelines for child to take assistance of experts, etc

Section 40 Right of child to take assistance of legal practitioner

Section 41 Provisions of sections 3 to 13 not to apply in certain cases

Section 42 Alternate punishment

Section 43 Public awareness about Act

Section 44 Monitoring of implementation of Act

Section 45 Power to make rules

Section 46 Power to remove difficulties

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