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Section 17 of CAT Act 1985 - Power to punish for contempt

What is the Power to punish for contempt? Section 17 of Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985

Section 17 : Power to punish for contempt

A Tribunal shall have, and exercise, the same jurisdiction, powers and authority in respect of contempt of itself as a High Court has and may exercise and, for this purpose, the provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 (70 of 1971) shall have effect subject to the modifications that-

(a) the reference therein to a High Court shall be constructed as including a reference to such Tribunal;


(b) the reference to the Advocate-General in section 15 of the said Act shall be construed, -

(i) in relation to the Central Administrative Tribunal, as a reference to the Attorney-General or the Solicitor-General or the Additional Solicitor-General; and

(ii) in relation to an Administrative Tribunal for a State or a Joint Administrative Tribunal for two or more States, as a reference to the Advocate-General of the State or any of the States for which such Tribunal has been established.

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