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Spain Income Tax Rate for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

Spain Personal Income tax Rate Year ending 31st December 2016

Taxable Income  Euro  

Tax Rate

Up to 12,450 19%
12,450 to 20,200 24%
20,200 to 35,200 30%
35,200 to 60,000 37%
Over 60,000 45%



Spain Personal Income tax Rate Year ending 31st December 2015

Taxable Income  Euro  

Tax Rate

Up to 12,450 20%
12,450 to 20,200 25%
20,200 to 35,200 31%
35,200 to 60,000 39%
Over 60,000 47%


Spain Capital Gain Tax rate 2016 Residents

Taxable Income  Euro  

Tax Rate

Up to 6,000 19%
6,000 to 50,000 21%
Over 50,000 23%


Spain Capital Gain Tax rate 2016 Non Residents

Taxable Income  Euro  

Tax Rate

Flat rate 19%


Spain Corporate Tax rate 2016

Types of Limited Companies in Spain

SA - Public Limited Company

Minimum 25% Paid up Capital

Minimum 60,121 Euros Authorised Capital

SL - Private Limited Company

Minimum Share Capital 3,006 Euros

Corporate Tax Rate in Spain 2016

For 2016 25%

For 2015 28%

For 2014 30%

Spain Income Tax Rates 2014 and Deductions

Spain Income Tax Rate for Individual Tax Payers

Lowest Individual Tax Rate is 23.95% and Highest Rate is 51.50%

Taxable Income  Euro  

State Tax


Regional Tax


Total Tax

0 - 17,707 12.75% 11.20% 23.95%
17,708 to 33,007 16.00% 13.30% 29.30%
33,008 to 53,407 21.50% 17.90% 39.40%
53,408 to 120,000 25.50% 21.00% 46.50%
120,001 to 175,000 27.50% 21.00% 48.50%
175,001 to 3,00,000 29.50% 21.00% 50.50%
Over 300,000 30.50% 21.00% 51.50%

Note: Regional tax rates vary between the different regions of Spain (Comunidades Autonomas). The above rates are valid for Madrid.

In regions such as Catalunya and Andalucia the rates for the top tax bands are higher, rising to 56% for the very top band. The following article summarises the tax rates in each region.

Corporate Tax Rates in Spain

The full rate of company tax in Spain is 30%.

For small and medium sized companies, there is a reduced rate:

Small companies: 20% for profits up to 300,000 Euros, 25% for profits above this.

Medium-sized companies: 25% for profits up to 300,000 Euros, 30% for profits above this.

A company is defined as small if the turnover in the previous year was less than 5 million Euros and the company has between 1 and 24 employees.

A company is defined as medium-sized if the turnover in the previous year was less than 10 million Euros.

Payment of Company Tax

The company tax return must be filed within 6 months and 25 days after end of accounting period.

Payment by installments of company tax is in April, October and December.

As a general rule, each installment is 18% of the previous year's company tax liability.

A separate method of calculation applies to large companies whose turnover in the previous year exceeds a set limit.

Capital Gains Tax in Spain

First 6,000 Euros: 21%
6,000 - 24,000 Euros: 25%
24,000 + Euros: 27%

A flat rate of 21% applies to non residents.

Income Tax Declaration threshold

If either of the limits below are exceeded, the taxpayer must file an annual tax return.

- Income from employment: 22,000 Euros.
- Capital gains and savings income: 1,600 Euros.
- Rental income: 1,000 Euros.

VAT (IVA- Impuesto sobre el Valor Anadido)
Standard rate (Tipo General)
Reduced rate (Tipo Reducido) 10%
Super-reduced rate (Tipo Superreducido) 4%

- Payment is quarterly, in general within 20 days of the month end;
- A monthly regime applies for businesses with turnover above 6 million Euros.

There is a pro-rated partially exempt calculation for businesses making both taxable and exempt supplies.

Public services
Financial transactions
Public postal services
Insurance Transactions
Medical and health service
Conveyance of land designated as not for housing
Resale of property
Private lettings
Exemptions for internal transactions
Certain cultural activities
Exemptions for exports

Deductibility of VAT
VAT incurred in relation to taxable goods and services is recoverable.

Non-recoverable VAT
In the case where a motor vehicle has mixed business and personal use, 50% of the motor vehicle cost and related expenditure is not recoverable for Spanish VAT purposes.

VAT on traveling expenses which are not deductible for corporation or income tax purposes is not recoverable.

Special Systems
Agriculture, stock breeding and fishing
Second-hand goods, art objects and antiques
Travel agents
Retail trade - recargo de equivalencia - under this system, net VAT is paid to suppliers, rather than the Spanish Tax Office.

Spain Dates of filing Returns / Reporting and Payment

The due date for filing the tax return and making a payment is normally from 1 May to 30 June of each year for the income obtained in the previous year. Specific filing deadlines apply to non-residents. If the tax return is not filed on time, penalties will be imposed. These penalties will vary depending on whether the tax return is filed after the deadline on a voluntary basis or whether it is as a result of a tax inspection.

31 December. Unless the taxpayer dies on a day other than 31 December.


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