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What is Local Inspection? What is power to summon material witness, or examine Person? What is present Expenses of complainants and witnesses? Section 310, 311 and 312 of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973

Local Inspection, Power to summon material witness, or examine Person and Present Expenses of complainants and witnesses are defined under Section 310, 311 and 312 of CRPC 1973. Provisions under these sections are:


Section 310 of CRPC "Local Inspection"

(1) Any judge or Magistrate may, at any stage of any inquiry, trial or other proceeding, after due notice to the parties, visit and inspect any place in which an offence is alleged to have been committed, or any other place which it is in his opinion necessary to view for the purpose of properly appreciating the evidence given at such inquiry or trial, and shall without unnecessary delay record a memorandum of any relevant facts observed at such inspection.




(2) Such memorandum shall form part of the record of the case and if the prosecutor, complainant or accused or any other party to the case, so desires, a copy of the memorandum shall be furnished to him free of cost.

Section 311 of CRPC "Power to summon material witness, or examine Person Present"

Any Court may, at any stage of any inquiry, trial or other proceeding under this Code, summon any person as a witness, or examine any person in attendance, though not summoned, as a witness, or recall and re-examine any person already examined ; and the Court shall summon and examine or recall and re-examine any such person if his evidence appears to it to be essential to the just decision of the case.


Section 312 of CRPC "Expenses of complainants and witnesses"

Subject to any rules made by the State Government, any Criminal Court may, if it thinks fit, order payment, on the part of the Government, of the reasonable expenses of any complainant or witness attending for the purposes of any inquiry trial or other proceeding before such Court under this Code.


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